Similarity and Difference between painting vs drawing

Painting or drawing on the surface is like give a new life to that space. Basically drawing and painting out our imagination to life.

We use lines while we draw something and we use colors even if we want to create lines when we paint something. It’s really hard to come up with the answer that which one is harder or easier. 

Both needs to be done with skill and practice. Starting with something which is harder to achieve can improve the skills you don’t have. But no matter which one would you choose, both have their own styles, techniques.

Drawing can be done by any colorful or non-colorful pen or pencils. And Painting is done by any kind of color paints with varieties of brushes.

Which makes difference between painting and drawing?

Usage of materials are makes the differences between painting and drawing. Generally painting makes with different types of liquid paint like as acrylic or milk paint and on the other hand drawing makes with dry paint materials like as drawing pencil. Scratching is a good example of drawing and its a primary start of art. Painting is more costly than drawing for because of their mediums. 

Similarities of drawing and painting

Painting and drawing both are part of art. They have both similarities and differences from each others. Suppose you want to paint “something” that looks like the wall painting which is made by any liquid color then you’ll need to know how to draw on wall. But you can also draw on wall with your color pencil which also make the same thing which is the main similarity among painting and drawing.

How Can You Achieve Your Painting Skills?

Sometimes we think totally out of the box in our imagination. When we do that we need to make that imagination work on a surface where we will use the colors and bring them into life.

I’ve seen a lot of DIY paintings which are done by a lot of artists but they didn’t reach that level of calling them out as an artist’s in just one day. It’s not possible at all. You’ll need a lot of practice with your painting brush even you need to have an idea of the types of equipment which you’ll need for your paintings.

There are oil, water, and acrylic colors of different brands which we’ll need for painting. Even the brushes also have different varieties.

Painting most of the time don’t need any kind of outer line drawing and especially when you are an expert. You will just start using color and without using any pen or pencils you’ll paint it with a brush, what you have imagined.

Do & Don’t on painting for Beginners

  • Using Acrylic paints.
  • Avoiding watercolors.
  • Adding solvent while using oil-paint beginner.

Acrylic paints are best if you are a total beginner. It dries out easily and it doesn’t create any unwanted mix of colors while painting. Acrylic colors are two types one is heavy and another one is the fluid or lighter one. The thinner one can be used as a staining technique or airbrushing.  

Oil-paints is in the second as an option because it’ll be quite hard as a beginner to use oil-paint in the first place. Though it takes more time to dry out. The solvent is a mush when you are using this kind of paints.

Watercolor painting is really the hard one but if you think you can work with it then there is no reason to say no. Try with it. But most of the time, this color is used by professionals because it’s hard when the color is soaked by the canvas paper. Sometimes carrying a lot of water on the brushes can create an unwanted mix within the colors. So it’s better to start with acrylic paint than messing around with watercolors.

Varieties of Painting Brushes

A painting brush is a piece of equipment without whom you can’t just think of painting. It’s like the heart of a painting.

When you start to work with some amazing colors, you need to use a good amount of brushes.

A good branded synthetic brush is all you need to have a durable touch on your surface. A cheap one can’t give you good results so it’s better to use a good quality synthetic brush.

  • Flat Brushes
  • Round Brushes
  • Fan Brushes
  • Filburt Brushes

Painting time duration

It takes a lot of time when you are painting with your brush. If you are painting on your walls or on a bigger surface then it’ll take a lot of time, maybe a day or more to finish it up. You need a lot of patience while painting.

Best Acrylic Colors For Beginner’s

  • Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint ( 6 sets of colors )
  • Blick Studio Acrylic Paint ( More than 60 colors )
  • Chroma Alelier Interactive Artist’s Acrylic Paint ( 7 colors )

Is it Necessary to Using Tapes before Painting?

It’s not necessary if you are using it for practice. Use tapes when you are aware of the techniques or doing it for your work purpose. Using tapes help for having a stripe pattern on the paper or no color in the middle of a painting

How Can You Improve Your Drawing Skills?

Drawing is totally different than painting. Drawing is specially done by pencils. You can’t use a wall for it but you can use it in a large piece of paper. Especially for illustration, you need to know to sketch. Before a plan of making a  building, we need to come out with a layout of its sketch. The sketch needs a different kind of process and.

For beginners, it has to start with a not so good result. But as we know that practice makes any person achieve whatever they want. But you have to start from now on if you are thinking to work with your drawing skills.

Using colored pencils on a sketchbook and especially for making cartoon characters and anime characters. Color pencils best. The colors Inside the wooden pencils are made of wax.

Most of the time the regular colored pencils are used by the children of schools. Professionals use prisma color pencils for their work.

Do and Don’t on drawing for Beginners

  • Avoid using it on walls ( Regular )
  • Best use for storylines
  • Using graphite pencils
  • Eraser & Sharpener is a must

If the pencils are for regular use them it’s better to avoid. If the colors are pigment and higher in quality then you can use it on your walls. And it takes a lot less time while drawing.

Using simple characters made by your own and you can use it to make a story Line of that character with the help of using an illustration.

Using graphite pencils is a must when you are drawing. Even before using colored pencils, we use graphite pencils which are grey in color, and help to sketch or draw the outer lines before the step of using colorful pencils. HB and 2B pencils are being used the most when it’s about drawing because 2B pencil gives a darker color and HB gives a lighter color and both of them amazingly in the techniques of drawing.

Eraser is a must when we are sketching and sometimes it also helps to create some light shade’s on a sketch but this technique will come with a lot of practice. Before starting to work with pencils, it has to be sharpened. So these two types of equipment are a must but make sure that the quality of the eraser and sharpener should be good otherwise the hardness of the erasers might ruin your sketch. Use a good quality eraser will work easily and it’ll be soft.

Drawing Types :

There are a lot of types. Some are used for storytelling sketches and some are used as non-story telling purposes.

Drawing nowadays are mostly use for fashion illustration. If you talk about Met Gala which is a costume institute gala which is a fundraising gala held for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York where before making a dress for the celebrities the designers come out with the sketch of the dress with colors on it. So sketching is doing a lot in the show business.

Drawing is important for scientific, architectural, engineering even for medical purposes.

Blind color drawing is another amazing type of drawing where the painter will not look at the canvas rather he’ll look at the object which he’s trying to draw or sketch.

Whenever we want to cut a paper on a shape, it’s important to use pencils for the outline of that particular sketch.

For the illustration of cartoons and other comic characters drawing is a must and the professionals use higher quality pencils before using it in the illustration.

Varieties of Graphite Pencils

There are a lot of pencils for drawing but they work for different purposes when it comes to drawing. 4H and 2H pencils are harder and they are lighter in colors but and release fewer materials. 2B and 4B pencils are soft pencils that make darker marks in the paper.

H are harder and lighter and B are softer and darker in color. Usually, all kinds of pencils are used by a sketch artist when he tries to sketch a particular human face or a thing from their imagination. 2H, 2B, HB, 4B, 6B pencils are the most required pencils for drawing by the professionals.


Drawing Time Duration

Well, it depends on the space where you are going to draw. A picture of a porch egg for example would take 6 to 7 hours if you draw it on a wall, but whenever you are using paint instead, it’ll take a day or two to finish it. So the time duration you’ll need is less than painting.

Best Color Brands for Drawing

  • Faber-Castell
  • Scholastic Colored Pencils
  • Prismacolor Pencils

Can We Use Pencils Before Using Paint on Walls?

Drawing an outline before using paint is not a bad idea if you are not a professional. Sometimes it gets easier for a painter to paint in the wall because of creating an outline with the help of a graphite pencil.

It’s better to avoid 2B pencils on the wall rather than use a lighter pencil-like gray. As I’ve said 2B pencils are black and it’ll not get covered by the acrylic paint which you would use on your wall. Not to use any pencils is best but if you need it badly for not being a professional one then try it out with a lighter color graphite pencil.

Some of the drawing ideas 

  • Start to draw a living room interior
  • A flower vase
  • Some wild animals
  • Some Disney cartoon characters
  • A garden with different flowers on it.
  • A bird flying view with a beautiful sunset.
  • The scenario has been seen through your window.
  • Some beautiful butterflies
  • Beautiful Lilies on a floor.

Painting Or Drawing Which is Good for Exposing Every Detail

Painting is harder when it comes to details. When I’m using a painting brush for details, it’ll not give a good finishing but whenever I’ll use a color pencil it’s going to give an amazing effect on your creation.

Pencils a sharp outline of any drawing which makes them perfect for painting a detailed picture.

But the details are not necessary for painting as we have seen in most of the painting galleries. They use the brush and paints for coming out with their masterpiece.

Can We Erase Pencil Marks Without An Eraser?

Using Rubber bands or any other clothes will not give you a clean surface or canvas without using an eraser on your pencils marks. When you have made up your mind for drawing, you should be aware of the types of equipment you’ll need for drawing. Without an eraser, it’s not possible to come up with something good with your sketch.

No matter how much professional you are going to be but a sharpened pencil and an eraser is a must for a sketch artist.


Sometimes are not everything if you are not trying hard with your skills. It’s depends on you, which you want to use for coming out the best with your imagination. Using paints or pencils doesn’t matter, all that matters is practice. Doing practice will give you a lot of lessons on some unknown facts and techniques which will benefit you with your future works. You can come up with your own techniques as well.

The answer to which one is easier than the other is a hard question to answer because both are hard and also easy. If you practice more you’ll find it easier, otherwise, it’ll scare you off.



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