Paint Sprayer VS Paint Roller | Which One Should You Pick? 

Back in the 80s, people used to use painting brushes. But stepping into the 90s, everything got changed. People started using rollers and color sprayers instead of brushes.

But now it has also become a burning question: Which one should we choose to make our surface paint easier? Is it a paint roller or a paint sprayer?

Well, both are doing quite well when it comes to saving time, but which one is making our painting work faster and easier, now that’s the dilemma.

At the end of this article, you’ll get to know what you should do with your painting and which one you should pick as your helping instrument.

Applying Paint Sprayer VS Paint Roller

When you use a roller, you will need a fair amount of time but not more than usual. Wherever you are using a roller, you need to think of the preparation you did before the painting.

The more time you will take, the more it’s going to dry out on the bucket where you prepared your painting. If you are using a sprayer, it will be relatively easy to coat the surface with the paint. But you have to know how to thin paint for sprayers before using it.

Don’t be so overly tense if you are using a roller because a roller is much easier than using a brush to paint your interior and exterior surface.

Both types of equipment will help you give your surfaces an amazing finish, so if you want to worry about something, you should be worried about the brands of those pieces of equipment.

Indeed, using a sprayer for applying primer will not give a good coating; instead, it’ll provide a thin coating, but A roller will take a bit more time, but it’ll provide a thick quality coating than the sprayer technique.FF

Sprayer VS Roller | Applying Primer

Suppose you are thinking of using a good quality primer from Benjamin Moore Multi-Purpose Latex Primer or Sherwin Williams Multi-Purpose Oil-based Primer. In that case, you can’t just use them as a sprayer for having a thicker coat on your space.

The sprayer will give a thinner coating, and how long does it take spray paint to dry on the surface. You have to double coat the surface with the primer to have a better surface to use paint.

Using a primer for a good coating is a must. And if you are using a roller for coating your wall, then it’s better not to buy a sprayer. A good quality primer and paint will work more with a roller.

If you are doing exterior paint, then it’s crucial to keep in mind that using a sprayer will take a lot of time to dry. It’s better to use a roller while using a primer for interior and exterior use.

Is it Possible To Use Sprayer In Exterior Paint?

It’s possible, but it’s not going to be satisfying. When you are using spray-on outdoors, you’ll have to think about the weather as well. Choose hot weather for using spray paint. Otherwise, you’ll not have a good coating.

If the weather is not dry, then the coating will not last long on the surface, even the finish would be quite dissatisfying. Using a sprayer will come up with a dripping problem as well.

You can’t avoid those drippings, so you will need a brush for covering those dripping. Dripping makes every paint finish look like a mess.

So keep that in mind that if you want to skip working a bit harder with a roller, then you should have to work on the sprayer drippings with your paintbrush. All and all, you’ll need the same time as rolling paint on your wall.

Using a sprayer is not going to be an easy task if you are thinking of not making a mess around with things like your drill machine and other indoor or outdoor stuff when using a sprayer.

You should better use plastic sheets and Painting tapes to cover up the place where you don’t want the spray paint. It’ll help you to avoid unnecessary paint stains.

Paint Roller | Does It Take Less Time For Applying Paint?

Using just a simple brush for painting will take a lot of time to cover the whole surface. But using a roller makes it more accessible.

Apply the paint after coating the surface using a good quality primer, then using the roller and a good finish using a brush. Using only a brush for coating will leave your shoulders in pain.

It’s better to use both for saving time and giving you a smooth surface. It’ll be worth your cost and hard work.

Is It Necessary to Do Priming Before Using A Paint Roller for Painting?

Necessary if you are using it on your interior or exterior walls, otherwise the blockage will not be covered. If you are thinking of using white paint as a primer, then you are thinking wrong. It’s not going to work at all.

Adhesion and sealing are used while making a primer, which helps coat the crap and blockage of any surface. But using white paint instead of primer will not give you a good finishing.

It’s better to use the equipment based on where it should be used so that the money you are spending will come worth including your hard work.

After priming, use your roller to roll out all the surface smoothly, and then use a good quality brush, and you’ll get the best creation done on your own.

For metal spraying, you don’t need a primer. Use it if the experts recommend it. Before applying the paint, let the primer get dry. It’ll help you to get a clean look at your space.

Don’t use a primer if you are changing the color of your surface. It’s better if the remaining paint is light in color. You can omit a coating primer.

Painting without primer, which has blockages, can make a total disaster. The paint will start bleeding from the wall, and it’ll look mess rather than a renovation.

Use a 9inch long paint roller with a high-quality roller cover. It’ll give a satisfying result on your surface. Keeping those simple techniques and ideas will help you reach your goals, which you have planned for painting at your surface.


Is Paint Sprayer Too Costly?

It’ll cost a lot when you use spraying paint. Spray machine will make you use 50% more paint than using it while painting with a roller and a brush. And it’s tough if you are doing it for the first time.

You’ll have to use a spray machine with a 90° angle. Using it from a significant distance can make a mess with your surrounding pieces of stuff. Using it from a close distance will make you see dripping as a result. But if you are using a reasonable distance with a 90° angle, it’ll give you satisfactory results.

Some of the Professional paint Spray Machines cost less, and it’ll be a great one for use as it’s the first painting spray machine, and Wagner Pro 150  can be used for any interior and exterior surface. If you want to use a spray machine for painting, then these two are perfect for making your work look excellent.


Do We Need to Use Paint Brush After Using Paint Roller?

For a better finish, it’s imperative to use a brush after using a roller. The roller is relatively easy to use. Even the tools which come along are easy to attach. It’s like a go-to use kind of equipment.

Just attach all the tools, and you are ready to use it on the surface you want to renovate. Using only a painting brush is a tuff job to do the whole work in a small amount of time, but using a roller and then brushing the surface once will save your time.

If you are thinking of saving your money from buying a roller and only thinking of using a brush, you’ll have to take a lot of time and do a lot of hard work to renovate it.

But using a roller for coating your space and then using a brush will work a lot better.

To calculate your cost, time, and how much work you are eager to do with your tools. And start doing it.

Hamilton Prestige Medium Pile Roller is the best roller for using paint on a surface. A synthetic fiber roller is the best for any gloss paintings, especially for oil-based painting.


Using Roller on Door Painting

If you have a flat door, you can use a roller, but the roller has to be made of foam. Ensure that you do not have any unnecessary stains on the floor or to the places where you don’t want any mess.

Try to use painting tapes or dry clothes for covering your floors and other essential kinds of stuff before coating your doors. Sherwin Williams Waterscape or Benjamin Moors Hale Navy is one of the best paints for painting doors.

Using Roller on Kitchen Cabinet

A Roller is the most critical equipment for painting kitchen cabinets and especially for applying primers. Avoid foam roller when you are painting with oil paints because oil paints are thicker, and it’ll not give you a satisfying result.

Use a 4-inch small roller when you are coating your cabinets, and before that, make sure that you are using an oil-based primer. For best results, use an oil-based primer. Otherwise, you can roll latex primer as well.

Paint Sprayer and paint Roller Can Use Together?

Yes, we can, but you have to be a professional or expert on painting. When you are using both types of equipment altogether, you need to know some skills before doing it.

Without any experience, you can grab both for working. If you are using painting spray on an exterior wall, you’ll not have to worry about having a roller, but you might have to coat it twice.

When it comes to the interior wall, you should use a roller for a better result.

Exterior walls have a vast surface, and it’ll take a lot of time to coat that considerable space, but interior walls most of the time are not as big as the exterior ones, so you can only use rollers to paint the whole surface.

How to Paint Walls using Paint Spray Machine and Paint Roller?

Painting a wall all by yourself might be a bit hard for you in the first place, so try to use a little amount of space before coating the whole surface.

Using the primer on the wall with the help of a roller will make your work easier because, by the time you’ll cope with the technique of how to use the roller, and finally, you can give a unique and smooth touch on the walls.

Don’t forget to use a good quality primer and painting tapes to avoid stains or mess. Keeping all the techniques and selecting brands according to your budget will give you much better results.

Using spraying paint without being an expert might leave some drippings, creating a problem for you while using a spray.

The angle of holding the machine is problematic because a simple mistake can ruin the surface. If you are not skilled while using the device, avoid the spraying machine instead of using a roller.

There is nothing to be worried; it’s not a war, its an art. All you have to do is come up with your techniques for making it your creation. Most people nowadays are doing their wall paints, and some look relatively better even if they are not experts.

Use the right quality roller or a spray machine for applying your paint and primer. Use paints that are from popular brands.

And Of course, use primer according to the needs of your particular surface. And practice before applying on the vast surface, and you’ll be able to have the best results by your self.


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