How to Remove Spray Paint From Concrete Surface

To strip spray paint which is applied by a sprayer, you’ll need a TSP mixed with some hot or warm water and a fiber brush and you will be ready to wipe out the spray paint from your surface.

These are some of the ingredients you can use for cleaning up the paint from your concrete surface. But there are things which you might need to have on your to-do list before going to work with your ingredients.

Even some of the tricks or techniques you might find will not be helpful to you or the surface. It’s better to know the basic instructions before jumping into such a job.

Here you’ll get to know about the alternative and non-alternative ingredients. You’ll get the knowledge of timing and about removing techniques of specific spraying paints.

The main two elements we think of while stripping spray colors are with a pressure washer which also use for get off paint from wood or TSP. Sometimes people use a solvent that helps to remove spray paint or dissolve the color of it. All process are in easy way and not sensitive like as removing paint off skin.

Best Spray Paint Stripper For Concrete.

There are specific paint removal techniques for specific kinds of paints. For latex, you’ll need a different kind of stripper and for an oil-based paint, you’ll need something different. There are removers that can be used for both.

Latex Paint Remover 413-01 is one of the best paint removers. It can remove any latex or acrylic paint easily from a surface.

Paint Stripper Gel is also one of the best chemicals to use for removing spray paint.

Use it by applying it on the spray-painted surface, then leave it for an hour or two and you’ll see that the paint is coming off of the surface. Use a scraper to remove the old paint from the surface and after that, you’ll have your surface color free.

Not all the products which are used for removing graphite paints can cover large areas for removing the paint. So it’s better to use TSP if you are removing spray paints from larger areas.

Is it Possible to Remove Spray Paint with Vinegar?

Using vinegar is like a DIY ingredient for get rid off spray paint from concrete. It’s possible to remove the paint which is done with a sprayer.

It’s an environmentally-friendly ingredient that you can use without causing any side effects to your skin or health.

You’ll definitely need a scrapper in this endeavor. But first, you have to heat the vinegar in a saucepan and you have to apply it with a paintbrush on the painted surface. Then you’ll need to give it at least 20 minutes to work on the surface. Then you can remove the paint with the scraper if it’s not coming off well, otherwise use a damp cloth to remove the paint with the vinegar.

Removing Spray Paint from concrete using Power Washer and TSP

The most known elements for removing spray paint are:

  • Using TSP
  • Pressure or Power Washer

TSP as Paint stripper

Using this ingredient is quite easy but at the same time, it’s important to be careful about its reaction to your skin. It’s really harmful to your skin so whenever you are using TSP, make sure to use goggles and gloves before the mixing process.

Mix half a teaspoon of it with 8 liters of water. Use warm water for the mixture. Now use a fiber bristle brush to rub off the surface. Remove the paint rubbing. Sometimes the paint sticks so strongly with the concrete that you might need to keep the TSP mixture for 25 minutes.

Then try to scrub it out the whole paint. You can use these ingredients and techniques on both interior and exterior surfaces. But make sure to cover yourself up nicely so that it will not harm your skin.

In this manner, you can have your concrete surface clean with just 2 ingredients and some handy tools.

Pressure Washer as paint remover

The concrete surface has to be clean and dry and the scraping work should be done by then. Now we have to apply paint strippers. Now comes the main part which is going to be done by the pressure washer.

It’s completely about the water which comes out with the help of a pressure making machine. The power should be 3000 psi while you are using it on concrete. It’s better for using outdoors because it might damage or ruin your other surfaces if you use it on your indoors.

Paint Strippers should be applied more than twice for washing out the paint with the pressure washer. Use it the same amount of time while removing the paint strippers.

Especially using it outside where you are keeping your garden furniture, it’s important to keep in mind that this power washer can create damage. So, whenever you are planning to use it outdoors, make sure you are wrapping up the furniture with plastic sheets or keeping those pieces of furniture away from the place where you will work with the pressure washer.

Sometimes there are places where you can’t reach to clean the paint from the surface But this machine is going through those tuff areas to clean up the surface as a whole.

Time Duration | Stripping Spray Paint

When you are thinking about removing spray pain, make sure you allow plenty of time for it. This step is as important as applying the paint. It depends on the surface as to how much time you’ll need to clean it up.

Applying TSP can leave it on the wall and might take more than 20 minutes. If you are using stripper gel then you’ll need to wait for an hour or so. For using vinegar, you’ll need more than 15 minutes.

It depends on the products you’ll use to remove paint from your surface. But you can remove the spray paint in just a day if you follow all the instructions accordingly.

Get Rid off Spray Paint with Alcohol

This is not such a good way to remove the paint because you’ll need to rub hard on the surface to remove the paint. A fresh paint might come out easier, but if the paint is too dry and stuck strongly to the surface then you might need a hard rub for cleaning out the whole space.

The much harder the paint, the harder it will be to remove from the space. Sometimes using acrylic paint with a sprayer might take a longer time than the latex paint.

Stripping Latex-based Spray Paint from Concrete

To strip dry latex paint from concrete you’ll definitely need a stripper which will help to remove the paint with a fiber bristle brush easily. But before that, you’ll have to wait for 20 minutes and then you’ll have to rub it with the brush and soapy, warm water.

You can use a pressure washer instead of soapy water. It’ll help to clean the surface the entire way through. And try to avoid alcohol for removing spray paint because it’s less workable than TSP and a Pressure Washer.

You can use both a power washer and TSP for achieving good results. TSP will remove the whole surface paint and the pressure washer will wash out the paints where you couldn’t reach with your bristle brush.

Removing Oil-based Spray Paint from Concrete

First of all, using oil-based paint with the help of a sprayer is a bad idea. Oil-based paint is thick which is why it’s really hard to apply with a sprayer. If it’s done on your wall then good for you. But the thinning process is not possible without any professional consultation.

Whenever you are trying to use any kind of stripper for removing oil paint, you’ll need to work extra hard with your brushes. You need to rub hard on the surface and the stripper should be powerful enough to let the color come out fully from the surface.

Using vinegar will not work if the paint is stuck to hard on the surface which happens most of the time with oil paints. It’s better to avoid using oil paint in the first place with a sprayer.

Can We Get Rid of Graphite Spray Paint from Concrete?

There are a lot of ways to get rid of graphite paint. You’ll need two important tools for this work. Using graphite remover and a pressure washer machine.

All you have to do is apply the graphite remover on the paint and it’s better to do it at a warm temperature. That will prove to be more beneficial for achieving your task. Then all you have to do it take some time to dedicate to the graphite remover inside the concrete and use the pressure washer.

If the temperature of the concrete is warmer, you can use the hot water which will come from the pressure washer in medium power. You’ll see a lot of good results.

PROSOCOs graphite remover is best for any kind of graphite paint used in concrete. You can use this remover from your wood paint to metal paints as well.

Removing spray paint from concrete is easier that painting it with a sprayer in the first place. All you have to do is use the ingredients according to the paint type.

Take a good amount of time to remove it evenly from the concrete surface, it’ll help you to repaint that space with a smooth surface.

Using safety tools while using chemicals is a must. Without safety, it can be harmful to your skin and your health because some of the chemicals have strong odors that can go through your nose and can cause harmful effects to your body. So using masks, goggles, cover outfits, and hand gloves are really important before working with the stripper, TSP, or other kinds of solvents.

In keeping these things on your mind, you are ready to remove your spray paint from concrete.

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