How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

If you are trying to save your time on repainting your kitchen cabinets, then this is the place where you’ll find all your answers. It might sound tricky to repaint cabinets without sanding, but it’s relatively easy. Just read out the simple tips, and you will be ready to make one of the best DIY creations in your kitchen.

When you are trying to give your kitchen cabinets a new look without sanding, all you need are some simple plans to make your work go smooth and flawless.

Is it Risky to Use Paint on old Cabinets?

Not at all, but you will need a little help with the sand to clean the flakes so that the new paint would bond better with your smooth cabinets.

If the door and surface are smooth, then you can skip the sanding and start repainting. Make sure you’re using the best paint sprayer for cabinets to get better results.

Whenever you find your good quality material, you will be going to get good results.

Which primer is better to use for Wood Painting?

Well, the most effective primer would be an oil-based primer. It’ll give a smooth touch on the surface of the wood.

It’s better not to use latex primer because it’s not long-lasting, and it’ll come out quickly. But oil-based primer is the total opposite if you are arranging to renovate your kitchen.

However, you’ve already planning to do it again after a few months or a year or so. Then use the latex primer as the paint will come up easily; you can repaint it; otherwise, if you are processional with your priming, then use an oil-based primer. The best will be given by oil-based primer for sure.

Use Primer Before repainting Kitchen Cabinets?

It’s necessary to use a primer if you are avoiding sanding. No matter how many coats you are going to apply on the surface of the cabinet, it’ll do no help if you avoid primer.

Because the primer helps to seal the surface of the cabinet. So, using a good-quality primer is a must.

Using an oil-based primer is better than using a latex primer. Latex primer rubs easily, so it’s better to use an oil-based primer.

People do not make any mistakes when choosing the wrong primer for painting their cabinets. Oil-based primers are higher resistant and long-lasting.

It will not fade away quickly. If you are good with painting, then go with an oil-based primer, or otherwise, you can use a latex primer.

There are water primers as well, but oil and latex primers are suitable to use in all wooden furniture.

Top Oil Based primers for Cabinets:

  • Pro Block Oil by Sherwin Williams
  • Cover Stain by Zinsser
  • Zinsser B.I.N Primer
  • KILZ Original Multi-Surface

Can I Use Any Paint in Wooden Cabinets?

It depends on the primer but tries to use interior paint instead of exterior paint. Buying a good-quality primer will give you better results. Because it’ll help to cover up the stains and dark colors when you are going to paint the cabinets from dark to light shades.

Make sure the primer you are going to use is made for cabinets, not for wall paints. Otherwise, it can ruin your entire hard work.

A good painting kit is a must. When it comes to our kitchen, we need to be aware of the paint we are going to use. Because most of our heating works are done in the kitchen.

So using paint with a high percentage of titanium dioxide pigment will help you to hide the substrate underneath.

A good quality painting kit will not just cover up the old paint, but also, it’ll absorb the new smell as well.

 Can You Use Paint Inside Cabinet Frames, Doors, and Drawers?

It is better to avoid it because it will take a lot of time without doing any good for your kitchen. Instead, use painter tapes to cover up the inside area while you are using the paint on the outside of your cabinets; otherwise, it’ll look odd.

To avoid any unwanted paint on your wall, use painter’s tape on the edges of your wardrobe, which sides are attached to the walls.

Keep your floor, stove, microwave, and other kitchen stuff covered with dry clothes so that it’ll stay safe from paint stains. Staying alert helps to make any work go smoother and better.

So better not to hurry. Make a plan to take a good amount of time when you are painting your kitchen cabinets.

Necessary Materials You Will Need

When you are about to repaint kitchen cabinets without sanding, make sure to clean up the whole surface of your cabinets so that it’ll do not cost your hard work showing flakes on your cabinets.

  • Using liquid sanding will make your work easier. It will clean out the grease in just 15 minutes, and you are good to go with your wood for paint. If you want to clean up the flakes with your home ingredients instead of using liquid sandpaper, you’ll need a block of dish soap and water.

The thing you need to do is wash it like as you are washing a dish to avoid any stubborn grease on your cabinets. You can use vinegar and water mixture on a spray bottle to clean out the grease. Or you can use vinegar on the flakes for 5 to 10 minutes to soften the grease to clean it out faster.

  • Using a scrubber will help you to clean up the grease stains faster from your cabinet.
  • Use a good quality paint sprayer or roller for applying the primer and paint to give it a good finishing. Use a 4-inch roller so that it’ll give better results as the cabinets are not large. You can use synthetic brushes for the best results.
  • Painters tape is a must because it’ll help to avoid the unwanted mess in your kitchen.


Steps to Follow While repainting Cabinets Without Sanding

Step 1. Wash the cabinets before taping numbers and using a de-glosser so that it’ll take out the grease from the surface.

Step 2. Using a good quality painting kit contains a de-glosser, which helps to reduce the shiny texture of the cabinet doors, drawers, and frames. And, in the end, it’ll give a matte finish.

Step 3. Use tapes to attach numbers on the front doors and drawers accordingly before removing them.

Step 4. After removing the doors and drawers, take a scouring pad with some de-glosser on it to rub the whole upper surface of the doors and drawers to clean up the shiny look; otherwise, your new paint is not going to work. Before using the de-glosser, try to use hand gloves so that they’ll keep your hand clean from chemicals.

Use a wet rug to wipe out all shiny effects. Then use a dry rug to wipe out the rest. In the end, it’ll give a matte finish. Make sure to keep the number of stickers beside the individual doors and drawers so that it’ll be easy for you to work.

Step 5. Cover up the areas where you don’t want the paints and start to apply bond coats with the help of a synthetic brush. And be aware of drips before they dry out on the corner of the doors and drawers. Apply the bond coat on the frame, doors, and drawers. And try to leave it to dry for 2 hours. You can use a roller as well, but it must have to be smaller in shape to coat all over the place where you want the color to set.

Use a roller in the middle and a synthetic brush on the sides of the doors and drawers. The roller is easy to use, the paint will quickly be set on a broad middle portion, and the brush will help to cover up the whole way through.

Step 6. 2 hours later, repaint it and leave it for two more hours to dry.

Step 7. After getting dry, use a topcoat made with poly, which will help to protect the color of the cabinets and leave it for 12 hours.

Step 8. When it’s dry, attach the drawers and doors again the way it was before. And now, you have the best kitchen cabinet of your creation.


Some Extra Tips:

If you are painting with your bare hands, keep kerosene and a clean rag with you to clean up the paint from your hands. After that, do wash your hands with a liquid hand wash after cleaning your hand with kerosene.

Before starting to repaint cabinets make sure you are using a good-quality hand glove, goggles, and a face mask. And don’t forget to gain information about the products you are using that’ll help you with not getting harmed, and improve your working skills as well. If the cabinet’s wood is older then you should remove the paint and repaint it again.





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