How to Get Rid Of Paint Smell in easy way

There are many problems we face whenever we plan to paint on our indoor or outdoor surface. One of the problems is the smell or odor. It comes after using the paint. There are some home remedies, as well. These remedies are quite useful for reducing the bad fume of color.

Sometimes the paints might be very harmful to our health. Furthermore, it is essential to use the types of equipment for protecting yourself from those chemicals. They can be produced by the paint you are using on your interior or exterior space. There are also some situations for reducing the odor. And one of them uses charcoal, wax, shallots, coffee beans, and so many other elements. You will have a basic idea of how you can remove paint fumes from your space for good after reading till the end of this article.

Home Remedies For Removing Odors

You can find a lot of home remedies to remove tacky or chemical smells from your paints. Hence it is evident because paints are made with a lot of chemicals. Besides, it is going to come out with strong odors

You can use various things to remove it, such as 

  • Shallots 
  • Lemon Juice 
  • Baking Soda 
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Coffee Beans 


Some of you might be thinking why this vegetable easily absorbs the chemical smell. It is quite simple. It is better to smell something bad that will not harm your internal body parts than taking the scent of something that will. 

The chemicals might harm your lungs, which is very harmful. You can use shallots to solve that problem. But make sure not to use it for cooking after it has absorbed the paints’ whole odors

There is no way of not having shallots at our home. So, please do not be late to use it before the smell of the paint goes inside your whole body through your nose. 

If you are not interested in compromising with the smell of shallots, you have some other options. Consequently, you can apply them as well.

Homemade Lemon Juice

Using water with some slice of lemons can really work better to absorb the strong and harmful odors of paint. Water is good with VOC, and it works best if you leave the water with those slices of lemon for 24 hours. 

Every parent has children in their homes. It is quite impossible for them to take the smell of paint for so long and not even the smell of onions as well. Homemade lemon is really a good odor absorber. It is better to go with lemon water. 

Baking Soda 

You can use the baking powder on the sprinkling method. This is very interesting. When you are done with painting and you are smelling some strong odors, you need to try to sprinkle some baking soda beside the space. It will help you overall. It will also keep your body safe from those harmful odors you have smelled in the first place. 

When the smell is gone for good, you need to clean up the place where you have sprinkled the baking soda. The soda will absorb the smell for sure. Make sure the used baking soda powder will not go anywhere but in the dustbin


You can use coffee or coffee beans boiling in the microwave by mixing with some water as we know that coffee or its beans have some strong smell. It helps to absorb the paint’s odors. 

If you are using onions for removing odors of paint and it is getting hard for you to take a breath, then go with some heated coffee. It will easily remove all the odors.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most common remedies we can use for removing odors of paint. You just need some small cups and a bottle of apple cider vinegar for it. 

All you have to do is pour a cup of apple cider vinegar at first. Then place it on the painted surface so that it can absorb the odors from that particular place. And it is better not to use that apple cider vinegar after using it as removing odors. 

Paint Radiates Odors the most | Oil Paint or Water Paint?

Paints have a specific odor that mostly spread strong fumes, mainly when used on the wall. The smell is principally radiated through the oil paint. Besides, it is used mostly on the outdoor side. If it is used inside the house, you might feel a strong smell from the paint.

The home DIY remedies might help you to remove the paint smell, but it will not work 100%. It is better to look for the paints which are made by some natural elements. It will help to radiate fewer odors. That is how you can remove the rest odors with your home remedies

Latex paints are water-based. They are basically for the interior surface. They help to reduce fewer odors than the oil ones. If you choose an oil-based primer or paint which spreads less odor, it is ok to work with it on the interior space

If it is not happening, try to use a face mask to avoid those chemical smells and those remedies. These are actually your all-time go-to ingredients. This is the property of painter ex, everything will be copyrighted. 

Why Should We Be Worried About VOC? | Paint Odors

VOC is a large group of chemicals used in many different products. Paint is one of them. If the VOC is going to be used a lot, it will harm a human body. Paints with a lot of VOCs can cause breathing problems, dizziness, or headaches. Sometimes it creates more than that for the people who are already facing some disease. 

It’s a harmful element for a woman who’s expecting. Pregnant ladies are at high risk for paints with a lot of toxic chemicals on it. Sometimes it is harmful for development issues in babies and even for the little children as well. So it’s better to avoid sleeping in newly painted rooms. 

The lower the VOC, the lesser effects you’ll face from the paints. It is better to wait for a day to dry out the paint so that you can sleep comfortably in your freshly painted bedroom

Is Charcoal or Wax Effective For Removing Paint Smell?

Charcoal is mainly activated carbons which means it has the power of removing any strong odors from a paint.

The using technique is effortless. All you are going to need is a paper towel to cover the charcoal. And it would be best if you leave it in the place where you have painted. It will just take a whole night. And the next day you will have an odor-free room after that.

Wax, which is used as candles, can remove the harmful fumes of paint. If you light up the candles with fire, the flame will start working. Then it will burn out the fumes of the paint. It will take less time than charcoal to remove the bad fume

These two elements give significant results easily. It is really easy to clean up space from the wax. You don’t even have to clean up charcoal because it’s not going to make any mess around the painted space. 

Using good quality paint will come with less odor on it. But make sure you are reading the instructions and aware of the ingredients used in the paint. The most important thing is to make sure that there is less VOC included in the paint. And utilizing a safety mask, goggles, and gloves is a must when working with paints with odors. By keeping the things in mind and using it accordingly, you will get a safe environment to breathe. 

Try to use the things which are mentioned. You will get to know about good results by reading this article.


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