how long does spray paint take to dry

If someone ask me that how long does spray paint take to dry? I’ll say it depends on the total coating you are going to apply. If that’s the thing you are doing with your coating which is coating with a thick coat then just one-time coating is enough but for smooth work with your paint, it’s better to give a thinner coat for 2 or 3 times. 

There is a process of coating your surface with a thin coating for a good and smooth finish. For this you need to wait until the surface which is covered by primer dries out then you start coating with your paint. 

For 2 or 3 coatings there is a process you need to follow and there are different time duration for applying on different materials. It’s really important to know about the time limitations otherwise your results would not be satisfying. 

And for that, you’ll need to have about the products as well. To know about the whole process, timing and techniques you need to read it till the end. 

What to Do When Spray Paint Won’t Dry?

It happens most of the time when we use latex paint of poor quality. First of all latex paints are thicker than the acrylic and oil-based paints and when you are using it for your walls and especially in your interior things then you need to avoid sprayer and try to use a roller for it. 

Sometimes the thickness of latex paint covers the blockages and those areas take a lot of time to dry. And sometimes you can end up with a disaster result. 

Try to use oil-based paints which will be a lot easier to use and it’ll apply equally on the surface without showing any clinginess. 

Try to avoid water-based paint because it’s thick and it’s based on the water so adding water is no use and it’ll not dry out easily.

If you have applied acrylic paint on the surface but without adding half a cup of water and thinning it, that might be a reason for not drying your color faster.

Oil-based paints are already thin so it gives a good amount of coat applying 2 to 3 times.

And adding water with it is useless because as we know that oil and water can’t mix together and it’ll happen the same on your walls and it’ll give you a tacky finish which you’ll not be a fan of. 

How to Speed Up Spray Paint Drying | Step by Step Process. 

The things we need to keep that in mind before speeding up the drying process of spray paint. 

  • Temperature 
  • Time Duration 
  • Instructions 

First of all, you need to focus on temperature. Temperature is an important aspect that you need to focus on while you are planning to paint. 

Most of the time the problem would be humidity and because of that, it takes a lot of time to dry. 60° to 80° is the perfect time for using your spray paint. 

And 75° would be the best one because it’s covering inside the needed degrees. But whenever you are coating, try to coat with a thinner layer so that it dries out in just 5 mins or so then try to apply another coating. Try to take at least 30 mins before the last coating. In this way, you can coat the surface 3 times. 

Sometimes there are instructions on the painting brand bucket. Try to read it for more information if you are not a professional or not doing it right for the first time. 

Your color will be fully dry if you keep it at a warm temperature but without any humidity. It’ll take 24 hours to dry after coating the surface you are working on. 

The re-coating should have to be finished within an hour and after that, it’s better to do any re-coating. Try to avoid it for a day or two or you’ll end up seeing wrinkles. 

How long does Spray Paint take to Dry in different surface? 

Different materials, different timing for spraying paint to dry. Some of them would take 10 to 15 mins and some would take a day or more.  

It depends on the materials you are applying on. Sometimes some of the specific places would take more time than the other sections. 

Drying the paint you can use a heater of furniture polish for drying out your paint faster. If it’s possible true the fans if you are working on your Interior things but make sure to not have a dirty room. Otherwise the dust will ruin your coating.

For exterior painting try to choose a suitable weather which is not so hot or so cold. Temperature should be balanced. 

The material and time duration you are are going to get , 

  • Metal Surface
  • Wood Surface
  • Wall Surface

1. Spray Paint Drying Time on Metal 

When it comes to metal it always needs double coating but all of the coating should be thinner to apply on. 

And it takes a lot of time for like two days even sometimes a week to dry out the color on a  metal. But the finish and drying process depends on how you are applying. 

It’ll take a long time to dry but it’ll give good results and most of the time people use it on cars for giving a new touch to their older cars and it stays longer than wrapping. 

The first coat would be a bit sticky but the 2nd costing would be non sticky but not strong enough to stay in the surface so the third one is a must for a stronger coating for good resistance and the final coating will complete the whole work. 

2. Spray Paint Drying Time on Wood 

Wood takes more than 30 mins to dry but before that somethings are important to follow and the most important is a dry primer. Without drying out your primer won’t give you a good surface to work on. If it has blockages then it has to be covered with a good quality primer. Otherwise, the paint won’t cover it. 

Try to give a thinner coat in the first place and dry it out then use a thick coat but not too much thicker or otherwise I’ll not dry out easily.

And try to dry it by switching off a fan if you are doing it on the inside but if the weather is warm then try to do it outside. It’ll make your work easier. 

3. Spray Paint Drying Time on Wall 

The time depends on the type of paint. If you use latex paint It’ll take time like an hour or less than 5 and oil paint would take more than a day to re-coat your walls. Acrylic would take the exact same time like an oil paint but it has to be used by adding water with it. Try to avoid sprayer technique if you are thinking of using latex for interior walls. Use a roller instead. 

It’s better to use a heater if you want to dry your walls faster or otherwise keep it for the exact time it’ll need to dry. Applying a thinner coat is a must when you are using spray paint for walls.

The weather’s which are suitable and non-suitable 

  • Rainy Weather
  • Summer Weather
  • Cold Weather

4. Spray Paint Drying Time on Rain 

It’s a bad idea to paint your interior or exterior surface or materials. Water doesn’t mix with colors after the paint is costed on the surface. 

It’s better to avoid exterior painting because if the wall would stay wet then the color is not going to set on your wall rather it’ll turn into a disaster. 

You can paint your interior section but paints have odors which might get strong and harmful while painting it on your surface without opening the window. 

So when you’re opening the window make sure that the water won’t come and ruin your entire work. 

5. Spray Paint Drying Time on Cold Weather 

Cold weather sometimes extends the hours of having your drying surface. It’s better to turn up a heater if you are coating the paint inside your home. 

For exterior the time duration will take 6 more hours to dry. Cold tries to tap the moisture and which is why it takes a long time to dry. 

So try to avoid too much cold weather when you are using the spraying paint technique. No matter which one you are going to use for the surface but it’ll take time because of the weather.

6. Spray Paint Drying Time on Hot Weather 

Hot weather is good but if the weather is too hot then you’ll face some troubles. The heat will create too much humidity which might be for the surface and it’ll not dry in time rather the paint will dry out faster and it will end up showing orange peeling effects. Which might be hard for you to recover it on the surface. 

To avoid those problems try to use it  when the temperature is 18° to 22° ( degrees ). This temperature will give you enough time to dry out the paint in a perfect way.

If you are thinking of using a sprayer machine then it’s high time to know what time you should choose to avoid any problems on your hard work.

If you really want the surface of your materials to look smooth and clean then don’t avoid the techniques. And make sure to use oil-based paints for best results as it has the benefit of giving a thin coating. It’ll help you get the best results for spray paint to dry. 


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