Difference Between Milk Paint and Chalk Paint

The differences between Milk Paint and Chalk paint come out if there is any kind of variation. Looking at the two products, i.e., Milk paint and Chalk paint, any slightest topic will hardly distinguish. If you have used them before, you will observe that both contain little VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound).

The most profound separation found between them is due to the presence of low organic material, i.e., the milk protein. The Chalk paint is mixed with all inorganic Compounds. Only the Milk paint contains the milk protein.

Get Some Idea About Milk Paint vs Chalk Paint

Before going to the differentiation like Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams, you need to know about milk paint and chalk paint particularly. The basic idea will always help you to choose the right one. So, let us have a look below at both the famous painters.

Milk paints

The beginning of painting started when humans first made their antiques. For the outer beauty after crafting, they thought of a final touch-up. So, they used a type of milk paint.

After that nowadays the milk paint which we get is a mixture of some natural ingredients. They use casein, plant fillers, and limestone. You will find them in powder form. So, mix the powder with water for the diluent layer.

Chalk paints

In the ’90s, Annie Sloan, a famous industry expert, created these chalk paints. It is a sticky type of paint. She made it by using calcium carbonate, pigment, and talc. After using it, the design would reflect the color of the Chalk.

You will also find a mixture of Chalk in the paint can. This paint comes in a mixed liquid format. So, one does not need to mix up manually with water. Sometimes in cleaning, a little preparation work needs to be done.


Everything has its look. The properties or characteristics make the thing clear to the users. Milk paint has some unique features. For a better look, more than one coat is a must.

If the first coat with milk paint finishes, then remain paused for an hour for its dryness. In the meantime, apply the second coating by using a gravity feed paint sprayer.

The milk paint is tough to wear. You can get amazing colors by experimenting with milk paint. Let us understand some of its unique characteristics. 

  • Suitable for the beginner and one can apply quickly
  • One needs to add a bonding agent before painting for the problem of nature-anguishes
  • Abrading the wall does not shard the paint from it
  • With its inner effect, the outer color gets a new look, and one can discover different colors by mixing powders
  • The ages get a sharp look after a good polish
  • The wooden furniture gets a coat on the surfaces due to its soak properties
  • Sanding is not necessarily needed except if you hardly find one rough surface


Chalk Paint is one of the modern types of famous paint and also carries some of its exclusive characteristics. With its exceptional potential, one finds it more useful to use.

The color gives a reliable muted advent that transforms one’s ancient house into an innovative one.

Moreover, the sound mixing quality of the chalk paint makes the users easy to use. One does not need to wait for a long time after the first coat to avoid paint blistering.

The final touch-up does not show any brushstroke visualization. You can also create some crunched and concerned style through a burnish.

Below you will find a better look at the chalk paints.

  • One can find gummy while painting with it which will reduce your tension
  • A broad range of views will generate in itself after painting
  • One can paint directly before buffing the furniture
  • One can use a sprayer, roller, or a brush to paint the belongings
  • It is easy to control, and the paint is static
  • Any old wooden furniture or metallic item looks new after painting with it
  • No need to worry about self-distresses and one can gain a soft touch by sanding it manually
  • Sanding is not needed before painting



With the final touch from the opening, hardly a few things make them different. Outside of the color, the preparation is also different. You will find Milk paint in powder format.

In making Milk paint, a milk protein named casein is an organic compound that has been added. Besides, all the ingredients in milk paint are natural. Deficient amounts of VOCs are present in milk paint.

On the other hand, one can easily say that chalk paint is the storage of inorganic compounds. The companies add a small number of chalks for a chalky texture. VOCs in chalk paints are more than Milk paints. The chalk paint comes in a liquid form.

The final look for both of them is different and used for different purposes. A plain and smooth layer will appear after painting with milk paint.

The smelling sense of humans will get satisfied with the painting of milk paint. In the case of the Chalk paints, every ancient look gets live after painting with it. The old ones get a stylish and decorative design with chalk paint.

In usage, milk paint is better for kitchen cabinets and antique furniture. Chalk paint is better for old stuff, iron covers like lamps and fabric. So, a minimal fact makes the Milk paint different from Chalk paint. 



Everything has its merits and demerits. No one is pure and best. After a certain period, every product starts to decay. So, without finding out little rumors here and there, let us go for the pros and cons of Milk paint.


  • One can generate exclusive and experimental colors by mixing different powders
  • The ability to hold the actual milk color makes one use the paint for more than one day
  • The natural ingredient makes it non-toxic and sweet to smell
  • No need for manual work in creating a distressed style
  • The dull final touch-up gives an unadorned beauty to the antiques


  • Getting in powder form makes one mix freshwater manually
  • As it comes in powder form, one needs to apply more energy for getting a dense liquid mixture
  • Though you can use it for only two days, its shelf life can become your demerits
  • Need more time to get dry


Annie Sloan’s famous painting also has some light and dark sides. Besides, many other companies create Chalk paint, but they are difficult to understand.

You will find the actual merits and demerits of chalk paint in our article. This paint is used for designing and decorative purposes. Below you will find some pros and cons to clear yourself about the chalk paint.


  • As it comes in liquid form, you just need to shake the can before opening
  • The final result gives a plain and new look to the old household materials
  • The most important fact is that it consumes less time for dryness
  • Instead of mixing pigments for making your color, you need to mix one chalk paint to the other one
  • A bonding agent is not required for a stronghold on the household items


  • You can find some causal consistency due to its complex edifice feature
  • It is hard to make your own wished color with the chalk paints
  • When it comes to sanding, sometimes the chalk paint needs a slight preparation work

Which One Is Better Among Milk Paint and Chalk Paint?

After every topic is covered, Milk paint is the best one for overall decorating household equipment. Both of them have their unique beauty. Both of them are used for different purposes.

In the end, it depends on the users which one they need. Some of them want to renew their old furniture then chalk paint works well. Some want to decorate their kitchen cabinet then Milk paint comes first.

But at the end of all-rounder performance from usage to smelling and including the preparation work, Milk paint is better than Chalk paint. One must read the full comparison for choosing the better one for their household painting.

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