Best Spray Paint For Metal Furniture Reviews 2022

Do you want to spray paint your metal furniture? Are you in a lack of time? Do you want to avoid the hassle of using brush strokes?

Spray paint is the answer for you. Spray paint can give you even coverage without the hassle of brush strokes. It is faster than brush painting and provides a more durable coverage. It dries quickly and is followed by an easier clean-up process.

However, with so many companies in the market, choosing the best spray paint for metal furniture can be tricky. You may end up with a spray paint that will leave cracks and a spotty final finish.

For your convenience, we have digressed all the best products available and reviewed the top ten. At the end of this article, you will know which spray paint is the best for you.

Review of top ten spray paint for metal furniture

We have researched all the spray paint brands available in the market and narrowed it down to ten best spray paint for metal.
We will break the information about these products and discuss their features.

1. Krylon K09198000 COVERMAXX Metallic Spray Paint

Outdoor furniture is prone to rust for exposure. Hence, rust protection is the most feature you should look out for.
The standard out feature of this product is its rust protection. We cannot think of a better choice for outdoor tools.
This product from COVERMAXX leaves a metallic finish. How ideal it is ideal for outdoor and indoor furniture, crafts, decor, and accessories!
The bottle has a conical push spray tip for convenience to spray from any angle. It will spray your hard to reach areas in a breeze.
It is a paint and primer in one. With this product, you are saved from the trouble of priming. It is a faster drying spray paint. How convenient is that! This spray paint has an impressive colour collection. This is a real plus.

Resistant to rust
Has a convenient spray tip
Dries in about ten minutes
Leaves a metallic finish

Does not leave an expected shiny finish

2. PlastiKote Premium Enamel Spray Paint for Metal

Are you looking for the aluminum touch even? This spray paint is the one for your furniture. This Enamel spray paint works well on wood, fiber-glass, and metal.

You will end up having professional gloss protection with negligible effort. The spray paint is water and rust-resistant, protects from UV rays as well.

You can use for indoor, outdoor, and industrial use. How versatile is that! This durable paint will not fade away and keeps the metal fresh and vibrant. You will not need a repaint in years.

This low maintenance product dries out in about twenty minutes. We will strongly recommend you to choose this product to paint metal. Low maintenance, versatile application, rust protection; this spray paint has it all.


Provides a high-gloss protection
Water and rust-resistant
Fast drying time
Indoor, outdoor and industry usage friendly


Flat finish

3. Krylon K18201 Coarse Stone Texture Finish Spray Paint

12 oz of this economical product can easily cover 25 square feet. What an amazing coverage it has! This product from Krylon can be used on metal, plastic, laminate, wood, masonry.

The paint for its high adhesion can bond well with all these surfaces. This spray paint offers rust protection to the underlying metal surface.

The paint sticks with great adhesion ensuring durability. This spray paint saves you from the trouble of sanding and priming. What a relief!

It comes with a spray tip which removes hand fatigue. So it has an easy usage procedure. Rust prevention makes the spray paint compatible with both indoor and outdoor use. So you do need to worry about weathering conditions for your outdoor furniture.


25 square feet coverage
Superior adhesion
Maximum rust prevention
No priming and sanding required


Slow drying time

4. Rust-Oleum 7251830-6PK Metal Spray Paint

This product comes in a handy pack of 6 cans. Hence, you can use it to spray paint furniture without having the concern of running out.

A single can easily cover 15 square feet. This product is specifically manufactured for use on metal. It is excellent for both interior and exterior surfaces.

It’s any angle technology makes it easier to spray hard to reach areas. It even comes with a wider finger pad to avoid any finger fatigue from continuous spraying.

This spray paint from Rust-Oleum is resistant to rust, abrasion, chipping, and fading. So you do need to worry about rough weather or repaint. This fast spraying paint dries out in 20 minutes. What more can you ask for?


Rust and abrasion-resistant
Dries in about 20 minutes
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
Comes in any angle technology


Does not leave a metallic shiny texture

5. Design Master DM241 Metallic Spray Paint

The vibrant rose gold shade of paint is the best to add sparkle and shine in home decorations. Design Master did a praiseworthy job in capturing the exact shade of rose gold.

It looks sophisticated on metal accessories. You are saved from the trouble of waiting hours for your paint to dry. It takes the utmost 20 to 30 minutes to leave a rose gold smoothing finish.

We cannot think of more suitable spray paint for indoor projects such as wooden floral decorations, ceramic pottery. It formula used in the paint will make the rose gold color pop up.

You might feel that this 11 ounces product will not last long. Our advice will be to form an opinion after using the paint. Its quality will speak for itself. This durable spray paint does not need multiple layers.

This premium metallic spray paint is undoubtedly one of the exceptional products with a lovely shade available in the market.


Very suitable for decorating accessories
High-quality finish
Gives a new sparkle after each paint
Convenient drying time


Not suitable for outdoor use

6. Krylon Brushed Metallic Spray Paint

With this UV-resistant spray paint, you need to worry about the color fading in sunlight. Those harsh UV rays will no longer be to fade the vibrant shade of your furniture.

You can rely on this product to spray paint outdoor furniture in vibrant hues. Hence it is the best spray paint for outdoor metal furniture.

Krylon has used its COVERMAXX technology to ensure premium coverage. So you will not be having any chips or scratches.

It comes in a broad range of colors and finishes. The matte finish option gives a strong, anti-shine finish to any metal surface. It is a recommended product for any metal object imaginable. Take our word for it.


UV resistant
Durable coat
Offers a wide range of finishes


Is not resistant to rust

7. Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Spray Paints

This spray paint from Rust-Oleum is dual combination paint. It functions both a metal primer spray paint and a durable colour coating.

You are saved from the trouble of priming. You will not be needing several coats as well. A single coating of this product will securely cover any surface and seal the metal effectively.

It is undoubtedly the best metal spray paint for metal furniture. Rust-Oleum ultra cover Painter’s Touch is really easy to use at any angle. Its oil-based formula is rust-resistant and low in odor.

It prevents any sort of chipping, abrasion, or fading of hue. You cannot imagine what a wide range of colors this company offers.

You can find this in black and white to vibrant pink, blue, and yellow. Just imagine how many shades you can transform your furniture into.


Enamel composition
Resistant to UV rays, abrasion, and rust.
Primer and color
Wide color range


Is a bit sticky

8. Krylon Shimmer Metallic Spray Paint

Krylon Shimmer Metallic Spray Paint deserves to be in the top ten best spray paint for metal furniture right now available in the market. This easy to use spray paint is not only durable but also provides an impeccable finish.

A single can easily cover a huge area. It can easily reach all the recesses of any surface in a breeze. Wood, plastic, or metal you name it. This versatile product can be used on it all.

However, its metal primer spray paint makes it perfect for metallic objects. With this product, you do not need to waste time preparing metal for paint. Its metal primer spray paint makes the paint bond well with the metal surfaces.

A single coat will protect the surface from chipping, rust and abrasion. It dries within ten minutes. Can you name another product with so many amazing features?


Fast drying
Primer and paint
Easy to use
Excellent coverage


Not suitable for poly

9. Rust-Oleum 210849 Metal Finish Spray

Rust-Oleum’s Hammered Metal Finish Spray comes with remarkable durability. Be it indoor or outdoor; you can spray paint any of the furniture.

However, you can save the product for outdoor fixtures as it has a remarkable oil-based formula. This weather-resistant product protects protection from extreme sun and rain.

It prevents chipping, rust, and fading of hue. This spray paint perfectly diminishes imperfections. You can easily hide the blemishes and scratches on your furniture with a single coat.

This hammered metal finish spray will make your furniture look good as new and hide all the imperfections. How great is that!


Diminishes imperfections
Has great durability
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor


Slow drying time

10. Masterchem Industries 41140 Hammered

Is your precious furniture covered in rust? Have expensive products failed to provide your furniture rust protection? Masterchem Industries 41140 Hammered is the best option for you.

This spray is specialized for rust surfaces. You can directly spray it on firm rusty surfaces. It is both indoor and outdoor-friendly. Hence, this product is the best spray paint to prevent rust.

However, for using it on aluminium or galvanized surface, you will need a prime coat of HAMMERITE Rust Cap 48300 Galvanized and Aluminum Primer.

Due to its lack of versatility, we have placed its position at the last. However, do not make this question the product’s quality. It works best for the claimed services.


Excellent for rust prevention
Indoor and outdoor-friendly


Not versatile

We have described the top-notch products. Go through the spray paints and choose the one for you.
Happy shopping!

Which is the best spray paint for metal surface?

Now that is a verdict you have to reach on your own. Each product in the market provides unique features.

The products that we have shortlisted contain all the important features i.e. rust, abrasion resistance, and UV protection. Can you imagine that some spray paints come in combination with a primer?

We have made your search easy and reviewed the top ten spray paint available in the market. Now make a list of the feature you need for sprat painting your furniture.

You do not need a weather-resistant product for indoor furniture or six-packs of spray paint for covering 15 square feet of area. You know the sort of paint you want in your furniture. Go for a spray paint that ticks your requirement.

However, do not settle for a product just because it is cheap. Remember in the long run, the price of the spray paint will not matter. Your product’s durability will.

And painting furniture is something you will not want to do repeatedly. Hence, choose wisely. Find the best metal spray paint for yourself.

Why do you need spray paint for metal surfaces?

Metal furniture is popular for its durability. However, with time, furniture becomes old and loses shine. They get scratches and blemishes.

Brush painting requires a lot of time, energy and patience. It can be tricky to use it on uneven surfaces. And the messy clean up after using brush paint is no secret.

If you use spray paint, you do not need to worry about these. Buying brushes and rollers is also not needed.
No matter what your furniture is, it can be revived with spray paint. It will make your dull and rusty furniture look sleek and stylish in seconds.

Spray paint is the prime candidate for coating metal surfaces with lovely colors. They are quick, easy to use even on uneven surfaces.

Apart from beautifying your furniture, spray paint protects them from rust and abrasion as well.
There are companies selling weather, rust and abrasion resistant spray paints. These products come with remarkable durability and will not fade hue.

Some of them do even require sanding and priming. You can spray-paint your indoor and outdoor furniture and fixtures.

You do not need to worry about brush strokes or the tedious clean-up. How amazing is that!
Hence, it is clear that for painting your furniture with minimal effort in less time there is nothing better than spray paint.

The ultimate buyer’s guide to the best spray paint for metal

Painting furniture is a tedious and time-consuming job. You do want to repaint your furniture again for choosing the wrong product.

With improper spray paint, you can end up with a sticky and dull surface. Your furniture might still be prone to rust and abrasion. You can also find pieces of your furniture chipping off.

Hence, you need to look out for a few important features before settling for a product. Here, we are mentioning some important features that you need to look out for.

  • Indoor or outdoor use

You first need to find a compatible usage product. Indoor spray paint does not have great durability. They lack some important features such as UV resistance and rust protection.

Just imagine a downpour will ruin your furniture while moving. On the other hand, indoor and outdoor-friendly products have remarkable durability. They have all the features to survive rough weather conditions.

They have all the excellent features such as rust and abrasion protection. You can use this paint on both indoor and outdoor fixtures. Hence, spray paint compatible for both indoors and outdoors is recommended.

  • Rust resistance

Rust is your furniture’s worst enemy. Metal furniture especially the ones placed in outdoor are prone to rust.

Rust-resistant spray paints are recommended because they protect your furniture from water exposure, keeps them new. It also increases furniture’s durability.

Make sure the spray paint you are purchasing creates a rust-resistant coat. Otherwise, you might have to end up buying new furniture. Imagine how expensive that is!

  • Color

Always remember to observe the color of the spray paint you are purchasing. With so many companies out there, you will also find a wide range of color collections.

Starting from black, some spray paint even offers rose gold. Hence, decide the color that you are looking for. Some spray paint does not provide the claimed shade. Remember to test the hue before purchasing.

Spray it on a disposable surface. Take into account the paint’s finish as it affects the final product. Invest in a color that you require. Go for the ones that will make your furniture look sleek and shiny.

  • Finish

Finish is the process in which the paint dries. It shows the outcome of the paint. Apart from color, spray paint offers a broad range of finish options. Some products have matte, gloss, satin, flat, semi-gloss finish.

Some paint dries in a shiny and glossy way. On the other hand, some give a tend a muted and subdued finish. Keep in mind the finish you are looking for.

Depending on it, choose your spray paint. You need to find the perfect finish for it determines the dried texture of your furniture.

  • Coverage

Just because a product comes in large volume, it does not mean it will cover a huge area. A 12 oz product can cover 15 square feet whereas a different company’s product with the same volume can cover 25 square feet.

You know which one is more economical to buy. Coverage is marked in the product description. Some even come in a pack of several cans. Keep in mind these minor details to make your money worth the purchase.

  • Thickness

The thicker the paint is, the better coverage it will provide. With a thick paint, your job will be in one or two coatings. On the other hand, runny or thin paint will require more coatings.

You are wise enough to understand which level of thickness is more efficient. Keep an eye on the paint’s thickness before purchasing it. Thickness can make your painting experience easy and convenient.

  • Usage ease

You do not want finger fatigue from spray painting your furniture. Purchase a spray paint having a comfortable spray tip.

Look out for the ergonomic bottles which are easy and comfortable to use. Also, make sure that your product can easily access difficult to reach areas. Any angle spray is recommended.

Sprays not requiring sanding are simple to use. So lookout for this feature. Some sprays come together as a primer. Hence, you are saved from the trouble of priming. Keep in mind these details to have the most ease.

  • Durability

No matter what the product, durability is important. Durability is what makes every penny worth it. You do not want your newly painted furniture to fade.

Nor do you want to repaint it in less than a year. Make sure that your spray paint is strong and durable. Durability depends on the paint formula.

While buying spray paint, look out for rust, abrasion, UV resistance. These features increase the longevity of a product. You want to spend your money on a product that is durable and will last a long time.

  • Versatility

Everyone has furniture of metal, wood, plastic, and of various materials at home. You do not want to buy spray paint for painting each of the furniture. That is a waste of money.

Hence, buy a versatile spray paint that can be used on all surfaces starting from wood to metal. There are products available on the market that works well on all surfaces.

Imagine how much money it will save you in the long run. You will not need to run to the store every time you paint the furniture. Versatile spray paint applicable on many surfaces is recommended.

  • Chipping Resistance

Are you painting an item flexible like a swing? Is your furniture prone to chipping and scratches? Flexible fixtures like a swing can get chipped. Choose a spray paint that dries quickly.

Make sure that it is chip resistant. You do want your pretty swing to get chips and crack after getting painted.

Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Spray Paint

After purchasing the best spray paint for metal, you might face some confusion while using it. Hence, we have answered the most common queries regarding metal spray paint usage.

Does spray paint stay on metal?

There is a myth that spray paint does not work on metal. Let us clear the air and the myths once and for all.
Spray paint is one of the best painting options for metal. It will revive your old furniture.

Apart from removing imperfections, spray paint adds a rust protecting coat on the furniture. Hence, your furniture will be safe from rust and abrasion in the future.

Do not worry about the color getting fade. With the correct product, your paint will not lose its shine in year. There are even spray paints that do not require sanding and priming.

Imagine how much time and trouble will be saved. Moreover, spray paint does not require a lengthy clean-up.
So shoo away all worries about spray painting your metal furniture.

Next time while painting your furniture, go for the spray paint.

To prime or not to prime- A constant dilemma

Most of the people are always confused about this thing. Should you or should you not prime?

It is generally recommended to prime outdoor furniture, anything that has a glossy and shiny surface or made of wood. Skipping primer with glossy surfaces can raise some problems.

However, spray paint being oil-based has a higher adhesion than latex paint. There are spray paints that come in combination with primer. So with these, you can skip priming your furniture beforehand.

With the other ones, prime the furniture having above mentioned materials. It is always better to be on the safe side.

How to choose the correct sheen?

That is much of a debate. Should you choose matte, flat, satin, gloss, or lacquer? Unlike latex paint, you cannot choose the sheen for you with spray paint. You need to settle with the one written on the can.

Satin and gloss are the most common finish. It is important for your furniture’s final texture. The glossiest and shiniest of all is lacquer. Matte is much like flat paint.

On the other hand, sating gives an eggshell and glossy finish. You know which finish you are looking for. Purchase the product providing that specific finish.

What is the average coverage of a single can?

Paint coverage is not something you can assume looking at the can. There are the same volume products from different companies providing different coverage.

Coverage depends on the texture and porosity of the surface that you are using. Generally, an average-sized can covers 12, 15, or 16 square feet of area.

Some specialized paints have a wider coverage. You can look up to it in the can. It is usually specified.

How to avoid drips and runs?

Drips and runs are messy. But with the proper painting technique, you can avoid them. Hold the can 25 to 40 cm away from the surface. Spray back and forth in a circular motion. Repeat the process.

Do not stop or start on a surface. It will cause drips and run. Depending on the drying, wait for an at least an hour before the second coat. This will give you a smooth and nice finish.

Avoid painting in a dusty environment. Paint in a well-ventilated area.

How to revive a clogged nozzle?

Do not worry if your paint’s nozzle gets clogged. It is quite normal. Pull of the nozzle. Soak it overnight in a tub of mineral spirits. Take a sewing needle or thin twisted wire.

Use it to clear away any softened paint from the nozzle. Squirt a little amount of lubricant inside the nozzle.
To prevent clogging in the future, clear your nozzle after each use.

Turn the can upside down and press the nozzle until the mist comes out.

Some tips and tricks

To make your painting experience a smooth one, we have provided some tips and tricks of your ease.
Always paint in a well-ventilated area. Wear a mask to protect yourself from inhaling the chemicals. Remove paint from your skin as quickly as possible.

For indoor use, buy a spray paint that has a mild odor. You do not want to feel claustrophobic for the paint.
Shake the can for about two minutes before using it. Hold the can about 10 to 12 inches from the surface and paint in a sweeping motion.

Depending on the drying time wait for about an hour before applying the second coat. Do not paint your furniture when it is windy and dusty outside. It is better to paint your furniture when the outside temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

A spray paint can have flammable toxic materials. Keep it away from fire. Make sure to properly dispose of the empty paint cans.
With these tips and tricks, we believe you will have a convenient and smooth furniture painting experience.


Do not let the myths about spray paint confuse you. Many concerns might shroud you over. But the correct product will never disappoint you.

With the best spray paint for metal, your furniture will look fashionable and new. They even protect your furniture from rust, abrasion, and harsh UV rays.

Spray painting your metal is a really easy and time-saving process. You will need another repaint in years.
Spend all those free time sipping some beer rather than brush painting your furniture.

We have made your shopping search easier as well. Do not delay any more. Get the perfect spray paint for your furniture. Give your furniture a new life.
Happy painting!





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