Best Fiberglass Paint Review 2022

Do you want to know about the Best Paint for Fiberglass? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. Fiberglass is considered a super-strong material. It is used in outdoor pools, boats, household objects like doors, and cars.

Fiberglass material is so durable. It gives you long years of service with good performance. It is lightweight and robust. Though it is a strong material, it does not mean that it will provide you with better performance without any maintenance.

To maintain your fiberglass object properly, you need to paint or repaint your fiberglass surface timely. For this, you need to select the best paint for your fiberglass. In this article, we present you with the top five fiberglass paint reviews. You will know the suitable one for you by reading this article.

Top 5 Best fiberglass paints 

1. TotalBoat Wet Edge Marine Topside Paint

TotalBoat Wet Edge Marine Topside Paint features

  • Item weight 2.7 pounds
  • Package Dimensions 5 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches
  • High Gloss one-part topside finish
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Fortified with advanced UV stabilizers
  • Range of bright, crisp colors
  • Available in 21 colors

The TotalBoat Wet Edge Marine Topside Paint is the most reliable and user-friendly paint for fiberglass. This product is made from premium quality marine-grade polyurethane. Its high gloss finishing provides chemical resistance, scratch resistance, UV resistance from damage, stains, and abrasion.

The Wet Edge ensures harder, more durability, and flexibility to stop cracking, lifting, or peeling the paint. Its formula also guarantees superior adhesion. As a result, your color will not discolor or fade.

You can easily clean and resist staining. For cleaning, its coat will not crack, fade or peel. It is suitable for sailboat hulls, powerboat hulls, RV exteriors, campers, trim, and doors. This paint is not recommended for the continuous submersion boat remaining under the water for more than 72 hours.

You can seamlessly use this paint by paintbrush, roller, and paint gun. For getting the best result, use a primer before applying this paint. This paint is available in 21 high-gloss stylish colors, including white, black, and gray.


  • Protection against UV, harsh weather conditions, pollution, saltwater, etc
  • Guaranteed sturdy and elegant finishing
  • Durable


  • Expensive

2. Rust-Oleum Marine Coating Primer

Rust-Oleum 207014 Features

  • Item weight 3.09 pounds
  • Product dimension 5 x 5 x 5 inches
  • White color
  • Coverage area 100 ft2/quart 
  • Dry heat resistance 250°F (121°C)
  • Drying for touch within one hour

Rust-Oleum is a primer for designing marine fiberglass. It provides a smooth base coat, including interior and exterior surfaces. This primer dries quickly (within one hour). It also ensures resistance from corrosion, peeling, and chipping.

Its coating provides you with maximum adhesion and protection. It does not need to eliminate previous paint to use this primer. You can use this primer on the previously painted surface. It enhances maximum protection.

You will not be worried about the painting checked, cracked, pitted, and rough surface using this primer. It acts as a perfect base for the aged surface. Its base with paint maintains uniformity with gloss and appearance.

It is not recommended to use this primer under the waterline on the surface of a boat. You can use it with both HVLP or air compressor paint gun, paintbrush, and paint roller.


  • Fast-drying
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor


  •  Intolerable vapor when drying


3. Interlux Fiberglass Antifouling Paint

Interlux Fiberglass Antifouling Paint Features

  • Item weight 8.34 pounds
  • Product dimension 7.25 x 13.75 x 7.75 inches
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Paint color: black
  • Duel resin technology
  • Suitable for all power and sailboats

Interlux Fiberglass Antifouling Paint is designed with duel resin technology. It is suitable for both power and sailboats and has many impressive features. This paint gives you superior coatings.

The Interlux Fiberglass Antifouling Paint coating blocks premature wear and tear through with a late polishing action.  Its durable coating helps to avoid repainting your fiberglass paint or other fiberglass objects.

Your surface will become smooth using this paint and also provides a fast and fuel-efficient coating. It is a cost-effective fiberglass paint. 


  • Cost-effective
  • Superb coating
  • Rolls on easy


  • Not glossy

4. TotalBoat TotalFair Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound for Fiberglass

TotalBoat TotalFair Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound Features:

  • Item weight 1.85 Pounds
  • Package dimensions 8.1 x 3.5 x 3.4 inches
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Cures fast
  • Easy to sand and paint
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Available in 2-Pint

TotalBoat TotalFair Marine Epoxy is a reliable and user-friendly epoxy paint for fiberglass. It is high strength and Best fiberglass epoxy paint.

TotalBoat TotalFair Marine grade fiberglass paint has a two-part epoxy filler. It is suitable for fairing and filling dents, gouges, and holes on your vessel. The marine-grade putty of this epoxy is also ideal for your home, auto repair, and RV.

This epoxy is waterproof. It helps to bond strongly with marine filler. Apply this epoxy above the waterline. It dries quickly. It is also ready to sand within 3 hours at 80°F. This epoxy has three colors, green, blue, and yellow.

These components tell you when you mix the ingredients properly. The epoxy component is yellow, and the hardener component is blue. When you combine the epoxy and hardener equally, it becomes green. The green color indicates that you can use it. 


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • None

5. Dicor RPFRC1 Fiberglass RV Roof Coating

Dicor RPFRC1 Fiberglass RV Roof Coating features

  • Item weight 9.68 pounds
  • Product dimensions 1.24 x 1.24 x 1.24 inches
  • 100% acrylic resin
  • Super Bright White
  • Helps to keep interior cool
  • Easy to Apply

Dicor RPFRC1 is a reliable RV roof coating. This RV coating beautifies and protects your fiberglass. You also use this RC coating on the previously coated RV roof.

This fiberglass RV roof coating is made from 100% fiberglass resins. It forms a flexible coating. As a result, it will expand with the roof movement.

The Dicor fiberglass RV coating provides you a brilliant white reflectivity. It also works in the lower indoor temperature. 


  • Easy to use
  • Clean, white finish
  • A durable option for fiberglass roof


  • Not for rubberized roof

How to use paint on fiberglass step by step guide 

When you want to paint your fiberglass, you probably do not know how to apply it correctly. So, to apply the paint properly, you should know some crucial steps for getting an ideal result. We present four vital steps for painting fiberglass in the most effective way. 

Step one: Before painting, use the correct solution on fiberglass for removing any wax. Make sure that this solvent is safe. Wax usually on the surface loosens paint adhesiveness.

As a result, paint can not stick properly on the fiberglass surfaces. When you have removed the wax, you will notice some tiny dents and dings on the fiberglass surface. So, it is recommended to use marine-grade putty for repairing and filling dents and dings. Apply it smoothly before painting. 

Step two: Use a primer on the fiberglass surface. Primers usually increase the adhesiveness of the paint. It also enhances the durability of both surface layers and inner paint layers.

It is best to use a paint roller or brush for applying primers on the surfaces. Coat the fiberglass surface with the primer properly before applying paint. 

Step three: Apply the paint on your fiberglass surfaces in a consistent way. Proper finishing helps to maintain a uniform coating on the surfaces. It is important to paint your fiberglass without any hurry. So take your time to finish this stage to ensure proper paint finishing.

For fiberglass surfaces of a boat, hire a professional boat repair company to paint it. Though it is expensive, it helps to do the paint job perfectly. They know the proper ratio of paint to other elements for the painting.

Usually, the budget depends on the size of boat fiberglass surfaces and time. It is recommended to keep patients during the painting on the fiberglass surface.

After applying the paint, wait until you dry the paint thoroughly. Do not go to the next stage without complete drying. Keep your surface on a dry and protected area for drying it thoroughly. 

Step four: After drying the paint, apply the correct wax on the new coat of paint on the fiberglass surface. Because of humidity, water, sunlight, UV damage your paint.

So, the wax is recommended to ensure protection from wind, sun, and water debris. 

Buyer’s guide to the best fiberglass paints

It is essential to select the right paint for your fiberglass surface. Before purchasing the paint for your fiberglass surface, you should follow some important features.

The features will help you to choose the correct paint for your fiberglass surface. Here, we mention some important components for selecting the right paint for your fiberglass. 

How to choose paint for fiberglass: Nowadays, fiberglass is one of the most appealing materials. Using fiberglass is increasing day by day because of its strength. Without painting fiberglass, your fiberglass surface can not be long-lasting.

It is essential to find suitable paint for your fiberglass. Without proper knowledge about fiberglass paint, it isn’t easy to find the proper one. Here, we present some tips for choosing the paint for your fiberglass surfaces. 

  • Prepare Your Budget: Fiberglass paint is expensive. But the paint ensures the protection of your fiberglass surfaces. Before knowing the expenses, measure your fiberglass surfaces.

Assess your fiberglass surfaces and other things. For the bigger fiberglass surfaces, you need more paint and other materials. This assessment will help you to prepare your budget for purchasing fiberglass paint, primer, brushes, roller, etc.

  • Determine the Finishing Process: There are several kinds of fiberglass paint for different purposes in the market. Some fiberglass paints deliver various types of finishing to your fiberglass surfaces. Some paints provide you a high gloss, flat, gloss, matt finishing.

Even some flake metal paints give you a more flashy and texture look to your fiberglass surfaces. So, select the correct paint according to your expected finishing. 

  • Select the Proper Paint for Protection: Fiberglass paint ensures the protection of any fiberglass surfaces. So, before painting your fiberglass surface, identify the correct paint for protecting your fiberglass surface.

Usually, sunlight, water, or both damage gradually of fiberglass surfaces on any boat or vessel. Some paints ensure protection from sunlight, water, UV rays, etc.

It is recommended to use marine-grade fiberglass paint on your fiberglass boat. It also gives you optimum protection of your fiberglass surfaces. But the thicker fiberglass paint protects from scratches. 

  • Know your Fiberglass Type: Before your fiberglass painting, know what type of fiberglass you have. Your fiberglass paint project’s success depends on if you use similar base paint on the fiberglass surface.

For example, epoxy-based paint usually works with epoxy resin fiberglass, and polyester-based paint works with polyester-based resin. 

  • Assess the Fiberglass Surface: If you see your fiberglass surface grooves and pits, apply self-leveling paint. Because self-leveling paint helps to fill pits and grooves accurately.

As a result, you will get a smooth fiberglass surface with perfect paint finishing. It also helps your paint and surfaces last longer lasting. 

Price Range: Expensive things are always better. This statement is not true as usual. People believe this statement. They think that they will get better performance from the expensive stuff.

For the fiberglass paint, you need to know about its price range. It is essential to know before purchasing any fiberglass paint. The price usually depends on the fiberglass surface’s size and the amount of paint.

If your fiberglass surface’s dimension is large, then you need a vast amount of paint materials. From a small amount of paint to a large amount of paint, its price range is about $20.99-$191.99. Indeed, the low price of fiberglass paint does not give you an excellent finishing. It also creates some pits on the fiberglass surface. 

Durability: Durability is an important factor for any item. We should not compromise on durability before purchasing. People will not want to buy a vulnerable item with their money.

Weak paint can not properly stick on the fiberglass surfaces. No one wants to see their painted fiberglass surface fade. It is a disgusting matter to repaint your fiberglass surface in less than one year. Weak fiberglass paint can not resist sunlight, water, UV rays, etc.

As a result, some pits create fiberglass surfaces. For this reason, your fiberglass surface can not be long-lasting. Before purchasing fiberglass paint, make sure its ingredients and the brand.

Robust paint materials can protect your fiberglass surfaces from sunlight, water, UV rays, dust, scratches, etc. As a result, your fiberglass surfaces can stay longer. You should spend your money on buying a robust fiberglass paint.

Warranty: It is essential to consider the product’s warranty before buying any item. Everyone wants to buy a durable item within the allocated budget. So, before purchasing fiberglass paint, check its warranty limit.

You will know about the warranty in your fiberglass paint description. Sometimes, the warranty is not mentioned in the fiberglass paint description. If you do not find the warranty on the description manual, contact the fiberglass paint manufacturer’s customer support to know about the warranty.

Generally, the warranty includes replacing fault paint products, money refund, or limited or lifetime warranty. Usually, the warranty is only for replacing defective paint or limited warranty offers for the paint. If your selected fiberglass paint has no warranty, you can choose other available options. 

Finishing: The finishing process is one of the most important factors for any paint. It provides you the ultimate result of a paint. To paint your fiberglass surfaces, you can use paint materials in your spray gun.

You will get the best finishing result using a paint gun. Because it delivers proper paint materials on your fiberglass surface. It also helps to dry your paint correctly.

In some cases, some surfaces need a suppressed and softened finish. Only the paint gun can deliver your expected finishing. 

Where to buy: You can buy fiberglass paint products from your local marine shop or hardware stores. It is also available in the boating supply stores. These kinds of paints sell most of the marine supplies shop.

Some online shops provide an offer for buying fiberglass paint from there. The most popular online shopping platform Amazon provides you uncountable offers. Sometimes, they present you with promos, special discounts, freebies, or offers.

Buying from Amazon gives you great filling. Besides, you will find out many brands of fiberglass paint at different prices. At that time, you will also know the main activity of fiberglass paint.

Some online shops do not provide any warranty for fiberglass paint. Stay away from there. Because their product may not be authentic. 

User Manuals: User manual is documentation of using. It indicates how to use paint on fiberglass. It helps those people who want to paint their fiberglass surfaces with their hands. Before purchasing fiberglass paint, make sure this item has a user manual.

Usually, the user manual provides you with some assistance to mix paint with other elements properly. It implies the ratio of paint materials to other chemicals. Before painting, read the user manual properly.

You will obtain the ultimate result with the following of the user manual’s steps. Generally, specialists write the user manual. It helps to paint your fiberglass surface without any hassles. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Paint for Fiberglass:

After buying paint for your fiberglass surface, you might meet some confusion while using it. So, we have answered the most common questions about the paint of fiberglass. 

What types of paint to use on fiberglass? 

Fiberglass is a plastic resin. It is primarily used in outdoor pools, boats, household objects (doors), and cars. Usually, fiberglass objects are slippery. As it is slippery, it is challenging to paint. Since fiberglass has various applications, so its paint also has some differences. It depends on the location of your fiberglass. Here we present the types of paint materials according to perfect places. 

There are three types of fiberglass paint;

  1. Acrylic Latex
  2. Urethane
  3. Blend

Acrylic Latex: If your doors or windows are made from fiberglass, it is recommended to use acrylic latex paint on your fiberglass surfaces. Its stickiness is very high. It can adhere tightly to your fiberglass surfaces.

In the acrylic latex paint, blister or crack will not happen as usual. You can effortlessly clean your doors or windows. As fiberglass is a slippery material, it is challenging to adhere to paint. Only acrylic latex paint can solve this problem. It is a water-based paint.

It also contains fewer chemicals. You will not worry about applying this type of paint on your fiberglass. As it has fewer chemicals, it is an environmentally friendly product. So, use it on your outdoor or indoor fiberglass projects. 

Urethane:  It is marine grade fiberglass paint. If you have fiberglass boats, then use urethane paint. You can also use it on the outdoor objects fiberglass. Urethane is not water-based paint. It contains several chemical agents. Since it is a chemical-based paint, you can not apply it with a free hand.

Before using it on your fiberglass boat, wear protective gloves and a face mask. It is recommended to work with urethane-based paint at the outside place. Because active chemical materials in urethane may harm your respiratory system if you paint your fiberglass using urethane in an indoor area.

Urethane paint protects from sunlight, water, UV rays, chipping, damages, and wear and tear. It also gives you high performance and shiny finishing. Urethane paint is more suitable for outdoor projects such as marine items. 

Blend: Some specialists recommend using a combination of acrylic and urethane to give you a more relevant result for fiberglass surfaces. This blend delivers you both water-based acrylic and Polyurethane-based urethane.

It also provides you extreme stickiness on your paint. As a result, your fiberglass surface’s paint will not face blistering or UV and water damages. You do not need to clean your fiberglass surfaces.

Because this blend is so strong, and it also can adhere tightly. Do not worry about the dirty fiberglass surface. This blend also can maintain strong bonding to a dirty fiberglass surface. It saves your labor and valuable time. 

What are the best fiberglass paint brands?

It is easy to say reputable and trusted brands are always your top priority when you are willing to buy paint for your fiberglass. Here we have mentioned some best fiberglass paint brands;

  • TotalBoat
  • Rust-Oleum
  • Dicor
  • Interlux

These brands are credible. They have tasted their products precisely. It is proven that the fiberglass paint of those brands can serve your fiberglass surface successfully. You can buy those brands’ paint blindly. 

The main purpose of painting your fiberglass boat is to take care and maintain it properly. As you love your fiberglass boat, it is essential to select the correct fiberglass paint for your fiberglass boat or surface.

Be careful when you are choosing fiberglass paint. Some people do not buy fiberglass paint from the recognized brands. As a result, those paints’ brands can not be satisfied with you.

Also, those paints can not fulfill your requirements. Everyone wants those types of paint which will last for a longer time. Because recognized brands ensure the protection of your fiberglass, durability, and professional finishing. 

Trusted and reputable brands provide you premium quality paint materials for your fiberglass surface. They also ensure that their paint is not harmful to your fiberglass.

Benefits of using Marine grade fiberglass paint on fiberglass boat: 

It is not easy to take care of and maintain a fiberglass boat. At the same time, it is expensive, challenging, and quite demanding. As your boat is a source of your happiness, you should ensure some protection of your vessel.

So, paint or repaint your vessel timely. It protects your boat as a safeguard from any severe damages such as chipping, water, sunlight, UV rays, etc. 

If you want to spend more thrilling and fun times with your fiberglass vessel, you should think about painting or repainting your boat now. Restoring your fiberglass vessel by painting or repainting has some long term benefits such as; 

  • Avoid overpriced repair costs.
  • Provide a shiny look for your fiberglass boat. 
  • Protect from water, sunlight, UV rays, chipping, pits, etc. 
  • Extend your boat’s lifespan and improve its performance. 


  • During painting, wear protective gears. It is highly recommended for doing the painting work. It can save from any health hazards or irritants. There are a few protective gears such as gloves, safety glasses, and a respiratory mask that must wear during painting. 
  • Before starting painting, check your paintbrush or roller whether it fits your paint and primer. It is not recommended to use an incapable paintbrush or roller. It does not give you proper finishing. Fiberglass paint is best if you use a paint gun for painting your fiberglass surface. 
  • The most important part is never using an automotive paint gun to paint a fiberglass boat. The automotive paint gun is not designed for the fiberglass vessel. 


Painting fiberglass is so challenging because of its smoothness. However, this article reviews the products and discusses some methods of painting. It also provides some information like buying the right paint or how to paint your fiberglass project. 


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