Best Handheld Paint Sprayer For Cabinets Reviews 2022

Do you want to paint your cabinets or surface walls of your interior or exterior at your home? Do you want to finish your painting job in a short time without any hassles? Here we listed some best handheld paint sprayers to solve all your painting problems.

A good quality Paint sprayers will give extended coverage without a disgusting painting brush or roller. It is quicker than a brush or roller and provides more endurance coverage. Paint sprayers give you excellent painting finishing.

However, there are many companies in the market for cordless paint sprayers. It is difficult to choose the best cordless paint sprayer for your home or DIY projects. For your convenience, we have discussed the top ten cordless paint sprayers available and reviewed. By reading this article, you will know which one is the best cordless paint gun for the money and suitable for you.

Top ten handheld cabinet paint sprayer reviews 

1. HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer C800971 

HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer C800971

HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer C800971 Features

  • Item weight 3.3 pounds
  • Two different air caps for controlling volume with the knob
  • 9.5 x 6 x 12.5 inches dimensions
  • Three Spray Tips (4.00, 2.00, 1.5)mm
  • Attached with 39 ounces container
  • Included Wrench, Cleaning Brush, and Spray Nozzle
  • 450 Watts turbine motor
  • Powered by AC adapter 

This Super Finis Max is a great paint sprayer designed by HomeRight. You can use this paint sprayer to paint everything. This paint sprayer has some unique features. You can handle both big and small projects using this paint sprayer. Its powerful turbine motor helps to paint both thick and thin paint. It has six different sprayer spray tips.

The three different spray tips allow vertical, horizontal, and circular spraying. It does not need to be a professional painter for using this sprayer. You can paint from all your cabinets to surfaces such as walls, fences, furniture, etc.

You can easily clean its cup and other parts with water or spirits. Due to the air turbine motor, it does not need any air compressor for painting. As its an HVLP sprayer, it can avoid overspray to objects. Usually, HVLP provides low pressure with high volume. It is lightweight.

You can use it seamlessly without getting tired. This sprayer has two models. The C800766 Max Fine Finish Sprayer is cheaper than the other model. Despite being cheaper, this model is my favorite because of its HVLP option for cabinets.


  • Accessible to mountain and clean
  • Do not need any compressor 
  • Faster painting


  • Fragile painting

2. Wagner Spraytech 0518050 review

Wagner Spraytech 0518050 review

Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Features

  • Item weight 4.14 pounds
  • 0.05 x 0.06 x 0.01 inches dimensions
  • 300 watts turbine motor
  • 120 Volts AC corded-electric powered
  • Yellow color
  • 2.5 Ampere capacity
  • A three-positioned air cap
  • Rectangular shaped

Wagner 0518050 is a paint sprayer produced by Wagner SprayTech. If you are willing to redesign or remodel your home interior, then the Wagner 0518050 is more suitable for you, especially for cabinets. It is a double duty paint sprayer.

You can control its variable trigger with its ranging from 1-inch to 10-inches. This feature makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor applications. You can use various materials, both thinner and thicker, painting materials such as varnishes, polyurethanes, clear sealers, lacquers, oil stains, oil-based primers, etc.

Because of the HVLP paint sprayer, it uses low pressure with high volume for painting indoor furniture. You can control with three spray patterns. Its vertical, horizontal, and round fan give you an accurate result while you are painting. Moreover, its Lock-n-Go technology offers fast material change and cleanup.

You will not worry about its mobility because of its 15-feet length cord. This sprayer has some replaceable filters for flowing materials correctly. And thus, it saves paint materials from wastages. It also helps to paint with excellent finishing.


  • Washable
  • Save time
  • The variable trigger for flowing materials
  • Faster painting


  • Weak electric connection
  • Latex paint not working properly

3. HomeRight finish max paint sprayer C800766

HomeRight finish max paint sprayer C800766

HomeRight finish max paint sprayer C800766 Features

  • Item weight 3.1 pounds
  • 5 x 9 x 12.5 inches dimensions
  • 400 watts turbine motor
  • AC powered
  • Attached 27 ounces container
  • Included air blow nozzle, viscosity cup, and cleaning brush
  • A 2.0 mm brass spray tip
  • Spray pattern from 1” to 6” wide

If you have no painting experience before, but now you want to paint your cabinets by yourself with excellent finishing. The HomeRight Finish Max C800766 is best for you. The top painting blog recommends it. This paint sprayer provides you professional finishing. You can use it quickly. Because it does not take more than 5 minutes to set up to use.

This paint sprayer has an air turbine motor. You do not need to purchase another air compressor to paint with this sprayer because of its air turbine motor. Its three spray patterns (vertical, horizontal, and round) help to paint different surfaces. You can easily clean it.

This paint sprayer is so lightweight and has an effective design that fits suitably into your hands. You can use this sprayer to paint for a long time without any tiredness. It also can hold 27-ounce paint materials inside.

This large holder helps to continue painting. You do not stop to sprayer to refill materials every 5 minutes. Besides paint sprayer, you also get a nozzle, a viscosity cup, and a cleaning brush to wash your paint sprayer faster.


  • Washable
  • Flow controlling
  • Lightweight design
  • Superior finish


  • Fragile paint

4. Dicfeos paint sprayer DIC025

Dicfeos paint sprayer DIC025

Dicfeos paint sprayer DIC025 Features

  • 700 turbine motor
  • Four different size nozzles
  • Three paint strainers
  • One lid of the container
  • Item weight 3.44 pounds
  • 10.47 x 9.69 x 6.22 inches dimensions
  • AC powered
  • Attached 1300 ml container

Every person wants to paint their furniture or other indoor or outdoor thing effortlessly. Painting indeed is the most tedious job on any project. But if you paint with an HVLP paint sprayer instead of brushes or rollers, it will completely change your painting experience. You can finish your painting job at least 3x faster. 

Dicfeos paint sprayer is suitable for both indoor or outdoor DIY jobs. You can paint your furniture, bedroom walls, corner surfaces, etc. using this paint sprayer. This sprayer has three different nozzles (vertical, horizontal, and circular) for spraying paint on various surfaces.

There are also four different size nozzles to paint with several materials. You can use multiple paint materials such as milk paints, chalk paints, milk type paints, varnish, sealers, sealers, etc. in this paint sprayer. Due to the air turbine motor, you do not need any air compressor to paint.

You also do not need to worry about overspray. HVLP technology allows low pressure. As a result, this sprayer also protects from materials wastages. It is a detachable paint sprayer for washing its parts and items with brushes. 


  • Lightweight
  • Detachable 
  • Easy to clean
  • Different spray patterns


  • Not for heavy painting

5. REXBETI ultimate-750 paint sprayer REX004 

REXBETI ultimate-750 paint sprayer

REXBETI ultimate-750 paint sprayer REX004 Features

  • Item weight 4.18 pounds
  • 11.8 x 5.5 x 11.4 inches dimensions
  • Orange color
  • 500 watts turbine engine
  • AC powered
  • Three spray patterns
  • Attached 1000ml container
  • Four equipped nozzles
  • Five paint strainers

If you want to paint your different surfaces with superior finishing, then the REXBETI Ultimate handheld paint sprayer is an appropriate choice for you. This paint sprayer is suitable for chairs, tables, shutters, cars, and wooden furniture. Its 500 watts power provides you a precise and neat paint finishing for various objects.

You can use thick and thin type paint, such as chalk paint, milk paint, latex paint, varnish,  sealers, stain, etc. This paint sprayer has three spray patterns with three different nozzles. During painting, you can quickly select paint material fast or slow, and high to low. This flowing control option helps to paint inside or outside areas.

The complicated corners and small edges areas need to correct paint flowing for getting excellent finishing. This sprayer is lightweight. You can also do bigger jobs using this paint sprayer without worrying.  You can use it comfortably because it fits into your hand suitably.

It ensures an ergonomic environment while you are working. As it is an HVLP paint sprayer, you do not need to be worried about overspray. After using, you can clean-up this sprayer easily.


  • Spraying faster than a normal sprayer
  • Washable
  • Lightweight and handy
  • High power motor


  • Defective wiring connection

6. YATTICH paint sprayer YT-191

YATTICH paint sprayer

YATTICH paint sprayer YT-191 Features 

  • Item weight 3.99 pounds
  • 12 x 10.5 x 5 inches dimensions
  • Light red color
  • 500 watts turbine motor
  • Five equipped nozzles
  • Three spray patterns
  • Attached 800 ml container
  • AC powered

If you want to use a paint sprayer for a pleasurable experience, the YATTICH paint sprayer is mostly suitable for you. Its excellent design allows you to paint your wooden furniture, bicycle, fence, car, surface, etc. This electronic paint sprayer is built from high-quality materials to ensure its durability.

Its 500 watts motor gives you a stable painting experience. You can easily control flow from the spray gun by a knob. This paint sprayer has three spray patterns, such as horizontal, vertical, and round, to paint different surfaces.

This paint sprayer also has five copper nozzle sizes for painting, and there are some differences between plastic and copper made nozzles. Usually, copper made nozzles can resist more pressure than plastic made nozzles.

As a result, this sprayer can avoid clogging perfectly. For safety, this paint sprayer has a double-layer insulation material. You can disassemble its parts for washing correctly. Its 6.6 feet power cord is enough to take it smoothly to a vast work area.


  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable
  • Adjustable Flow Controller
  • Double-layer insulation


  • Overheating problem
  • Wasting too much material

7. Scuddles paint sprayer review

Scuddles paint sprayer

Scuddles paint sprayer Features

  • Item Weight 4.33 pounds
  • 13.19 x 12.09 x 5.94 inches dimensions
  • AC powered
  • 1200 watts turbine motor
  • Three spray moods
  • Included  two extra straws and four extra nozzles brush needle spouts
  • Attached 1000ml container

Are you finding out a best paint sprayer for beginner? If your answer is yes, then Scuddles paint sprayer is best for you. You can purchase it at an affordable price. It is designed for painting both indoor and outdoor things. This painting gun is excellent for painting crafts, cars, chairs, tables, interior walls, fences, etc.

It has three different spray patterns, such as vertical, horizontal, and round. These patterns help to paint on different surfaces or objects. This sprayer gun is equipped with five nozzles in three sizes. You do not need to spend extra money to paint your DIY (Do it yourself) projects due to its various nozzles.

You can use various paint materials like varnish, stain, sealers, chalk paint, latex paint, and milk paint using those different sizes nozzles. As an HVLP sprayer, it can avoid overspray and flow with a consistent volume. Its 1200 watts high-powered air turbine motor provides you stable paint finishing experience.

You also do not need any air compressor for painting. You can wash this sprayer with its cleaning brush. This paint sprayer also has a 6.6 ft cord for moving freely in a large area.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Washable
  • Large container


  • Inconsistent spray
  • Not proper for latex paint

8. AOBEN paint sprayer review

AOBEN paint sprayer

AOBEN paint sprayer Features

  • Item weight 4.07 pounds
  • 11.54 x 9.41 x 5.51 inches dimensions
  • Red color
  • 750 watts turbine motor
  • Three Spray Patterns 
  • Four Nozzle Size
  • Adjustable Flow Control
  • AC powered

Do you want to complete your first DIY painting project with excellent paint sprayer? Then, AOBEN electronic painting sprayer is suitable for you. It is a lightweight and user-friendly paint sprayer. You can purchase this paint sprayer at a low cost.

This paint sprayer is designed for small jobs such as painting crafts, cars, chairs, tables, interior walls, fences, etc. You can use both thin and thick type paint in this paint sprayer such as varnish, sealers,  chalk, latex, and milk type paint materials. Sometimes, you will see that the paint materials are a little thick during exterior painting.

You can add some water to thin paint materials for painting paint seamlessly. Its various paint sprayer patterns (vertical, horizontal, and round) help to paint different surfaces. This paint sprayer is equipped with four different nozzles. It helps to output with varying materials of paint.

You do not need any air compressor to paint anything because of its 750 watts air turbine motor. You also can detach its parts for washing its brush efficiently. Its 6.75 feet cord helps to move freely in a large area without any hassles. 


  • Detachable
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to use


  • Suitable only for small project

9. Wagner Spraytech FLEXIO SERIES 0529010 

Wagner Spraytech FLEXIO SERIES

Wagner Spraytech FLEXIO SERIES 0529010 Features

  • Item weight 2.11 pounds
  • 15.9 x 6.7 x 13.9 inches dimensions
  • iSpray nozzle for large projects
  • Detail Finish nozzle for Smaller projects
  • AC powered
  • 10-speed X-Boost Power Dial 
  • Three spray moods
  • Includes two front end nozzles

The Wagner 0529010 FLEXiO SERIES is an electronic paint sprayer for indoor painting. If you want to paint your cabinets and furniture at your home with perfect finishing, then this paint sprayer is suitable for you. I love this paint sprayer for its superb finishing.

Its precision nozzle provides a professional-looking, clean finishing on different surfaces. Its excellent range can cover entirely. The iSpray nozzle is suitable for painting any more extensive project. On the other hand the Detail Finish Nozzle is ideal for small projects. Its X-Booster turbine motor gives you the unthinned exterior and interior stains and paints.

Its X-Booster Power Dial has 10-speed options for adjusting material flow. You can paint interior surfaces such as the exterior wall, fence, and walls. This paint sprayer gives an incredible experience for smaller items, such as furniture and kitchen cabinets painting.

As it is an HVLP paint sprayer, you do not need to worry about overspray. The nozzle can flow its paint material neatly. It helps to minimize paint wastage. This paint sprayer is lighter (approximately 20%) than its competitor’s paint sprayer. You can easily handle it because of its lightweight.


  • 10x faster than a roller or brush 
  • Easy to cleanup
  • Easy to use
  • Detachable


  • Wasting paint material

10. Tilswall Paint Sprayer review

Tilswall Paint Sprayer

Tilswall Paint Sprayer Features

  • Item weight 3.39 pounds
  • 12.6 x 9.84 x 5.51 inches dimensions
  • Blue color
  • 550 watts turbine motor
  • Three spray patterns
  • Three nozzle sizes
  • Attached 1300 ml container

Are you looking for a powerful paint sprayer but lightweight? Tilswall paint sprayer is best for you.  This affordable paint sprayer has some versatile features. You can repaint kitchen cabinets, wooden furniture, fences, decks, furniture, railings, trim, garages, sheds, etc. with a short time.

Its three spray patterns, such as vertical, horizontal, and circular shape, help to paint different sectors effectively. The HVLP technology allows low pressure during painting. This technology is more suitable for interior jobs and helps to avoid overspray. Thus it saves paint materials from wastage.

You can use various paint materials in this paint sprayer like varnish, sealers, stain, chalk paint, milk paint, and latex paint. This sprayer has three equipped nozzles for painting different objectives with different materials. Its 550 wats powerful air turbine motor provides you consistent painting without any compressor.

This lightweight paint sprayer will fit your hand with comfort. You will continue painting for a long time without tiredness using this paint sprayer. This sprayer has a built-in extra filter sponge for filtering the air to prevent entering dust in the motor to avoid further damage. This filter also enhances the motor’s performance.


  • Easy to wash
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use
  • High-speed flowing (1200ml/min)
  • Higher viscosity paint


  • Inconsistent spraying

Frequently Asked Questions about Handheld paint Sprayer

After buying the best paint sprayer, you might meet some confusion while using it. So, we have answered the most common questions about the handheld paint sprayer.

Why should you choose a handheld paint sprayer for your cabinets?

If you think that your cabinets look so old after some years. At that time, you may worry about your old cabinets for its color fading. Changing cabinets frequently is not possible every time. In this situation, the best way to paint your cabinets with excellent finishing. 

To paint a cabinet, it is essential to paint your cabinets with a handheld sprayer. Though you can paint your cabinets by brush or roller. But, you might not get better finishing and perfection. Eventually, it is time-consuming to finish painting a cabinet with a brush or roller.

You can paint your cabinet without any professional painter using a painting sprayer. To hire a professional painter, you have to pay a significant amount of money to paint your cabinet. But you can save a large amount of money to paint your own cabinet by using a painting sprayer. 

It is best to use HVLP (High Volume, Low pressure) painting sprayer for painting cabinets. This type of sprayer can avoid overspray. You can spray in the HVLP with low pressure. And thus it saves paint from wastages.

Which paint is best for a handheld paint sprayer?

Some people think that handheld paint spray is only for a few paint materials. Let us clear this matter. 

The handheld paint sprayer is the best paint accessory to paint anything easily. It helps to renew your furniture without any hassles. 

You can use various paint materials, both thick and thin, such as varnish, stain, enamels, clear sealer, primers, chalk type paint, latex paint, and milk type paint.

There are some different sizes of nozzle (1.00mm to 4.00mm) of HVLP type sprayers. You can thin type paint in the 1.00mm to 3.00mm nozzle. For using thick type painting materials, you should use 3.00mm to 4.00mm nozzles.

It is best to use thick paint materials (varnish, stain, sealers, etc.) in the handheld paint sprayer.

Can you spray primer with a handheld paint sprayer?

Most of the people are always baffled to use primer in the handheld paint sprayer. 

Primer is an initial coating before painting. It helps to increase the durability of painting and ensures additional protection for the painted materials. 

It is usually suggested to use primer, including indoor or outdoor things, before painting anything. 

You can easily use primer in the handheld paint sprayer. Even though primer with latex paint is quite thick. You can spray this mixed material with a suitable tip. 

It is recommended to use a 1.8-2.2mm nozzle tip for spraying primer or primer with latex paint using a handheld paint sprayer.

What are the best brands for the handheld paint sprayer?

Some best brands for the handheld paint sprayer are;

  • HomeRight
  • Wagner SprayTech
  • Graco Magnum

Is it worth buying a handheld paint sprayer?

A handheld paint sprayer is suitable for all painting applications such as stain, varnish, latex paint, primer, chalk paint, milk paint, enamel, sealer, etc. You can paint both interior or exterior things in a short time. Paint sprayer also saves materials from wastages. There are some advantages if you will use a handheld paint sprayer;

  • Covered large surface area
  • Increasing working speed
  • Most comfortable to paint angled structured surface
  • Decreasing the working load

Buyer’s guide to the best handheld paint sprayer in 2022

Painting something is a time-consuming and slow task. It is essential to choose the right paint sprayer. Before buying a paint sprayer, you should look out for some significant features to purchase a suitable paint sprayer. Here, we mention some important features for choosing the right paint sprayer.

Price Range

Some people think that expensive things are always better quality. But the fact is that more costly does not imply better quality anyway. For a paint sprayer, it is essential to know about the price ranges. If you are an amateur about paint sprayer and new to paint, you can allocate your budget within $30-100. But, the cheaper products often clog up with paint materials.

Clogging paint during painting ruins your paint flowing and finishing. These more inexpensive paint sprayers are for one or two users. These paint sprayers are not durable. If you want to buy high-quality paint sprayer products, you should spend around $300-500 to get better paint sprayer without difficulty. 


The capacity of the paint’s cup is essential to consider also. If refilling is no annoyance for you, you can pick any handheld paint sprayer with a blind eye. Most of the handheld sprayer units can hold half a quart to full quart.

\You can use alternative cups for your paint sprayer with several capacities. It is best to select a suitable cup size for painting anything. This trick helps to continue your painting without recurring refilling.

There is a rumor that a larger size cup can solve all painting problems. But, sometimes, a larger cup of paint sprayer increases weight. It isn’t easy to carry or paint with a weighty paint sprayer.


There is no question or compromise that durability is essential for a product. It makes every cent worth it. No one people do not want to see their newly painted interior or exterior things fade. It is a very disgusting matter to repaint a painted item in less than one year.

Make sure that your paint sprayer is durable and robust. Usually, durability depends on its painting formula. Before buying a handheld paint sprayer, you should look out its electric wiring, motor speed, watts, nozzle thickness, etc.

These features help to increase the endurance of your paint sprayer. So, you should spend money to buy those paint sprayers that have outstanding durability and last a long time.


The finishing is a process that helps to paint dries. It presents the ultimate result of color. Except for color, the paint sprayer gives you a broad range of finishing options. Some paint sprayers have flat, semi-gloss, gloss, satin, matte finish.

Some paint materials have a glossy and shiny way. In different circumstances, some paint offers you a softened and suppressed finish. It’s up to you which finishing you want. 


When you are willing to buy a paint sprayer, you should consider the price of a unit. You should buy the durable paint sprayer within your allocated budget. Before purchasing a paint sprayer, take note of the warranty period and check out the warranty cover.

Most of the paint sprayer guns have from 12 to 60-month warranty. Before buying a one-year warranty paint sprayer, you should seriously reconsider purchasing.

If you want to use the paint sprayer a few times per season, a more extended warranty will protect your expenses after a rest period.

User Manuals

The user manual is a technical documentation of an electronic item to help people with a particular system. Before buying a paint sprayer gun, you should ensure to have a user manual for it.

The user manual gives assistance to run paint sprayer setting correctly that will not loose the pressure. After purchasing, you also should read the user manual about the paint sprayer. It helps to conduct paint sprayer without any hassles. 

Benefits of using a paint sprayer

There are some outstanding benefits of using a paint sprayer for your projects. So, pick the right paint sprayer that will give you different benefits. 

Speed and Accessibility

A paint sprayer is extensively quicker than a paint brush or roller. You can paint your objects with a paint sprayer ten times faster than a paint brush or roller. It saves your valuable time.

The paint sprayer can discharge its minor particles from the sprayer gun. It will help to complete coverage in every corner of a wall. Paint roller or brush can’t access the little spaces entirely.

Even Coating

Usually, the paint roller can’t finish smoothly. On the other hand, a paint sprayer can cover all the surfaces. The paint materials touch the surfaces with a fine mist. As a result, it presents an appeal for painting on cabinets or furniture.

Despite its perfect finishing, you should focus on your works while you are painting. During painting, make sure that the particles can correctly cover floors and windows. 

Reduces Wastage

Usually, Paint sprayer reduces paint materials from wastage significantly. While using a paintbrush, it wastes enormous materials due to drips, spills, or paint drying up. But there is no chance of unnecessary wastage in the paint sprayer.

Because the paint materials stay in the canister. For painting with a paint brush or roller, you need to transfer your brush into the paint. But in the paint sprayer, fill up the material container before starting painting.

The paint materials stay in the tank till you wipe it up. HVLP paint sprayer is the best for reducing paint wastage because of its low pressure.


There is so much choice when you buy a paint sprayer for you. Different sorts of paint sprayers are available at different prices. It depends on your allocated budget. The paint sprayer is indeed famous for paining any rough surfaces effectively and smoothly.

For quick operation, you encompass a large area using a paint sprayer more quickly. Being portable, you can use a paint sprayer for both indoor and outdoor projects. Before purchasing a paint sprayer, you should be very careful about its existing features.

You should be ensured the product features. Because it is the only way to get the best paint sprayer. Pay more attention to your budget before purchasing a paint sprayer for your projects. 

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